Google Map 360 Street View

Google Map 360 street view


What is the Importance of Google Maps 360 street view in real estate in Singapore?

Google Map 360 street view

In any business, using Google Map 360 street view can enhance your search listings. By adding a virtual tour with Google Map 360 street view, your online presence is more likely to be discovered. The real estate industry is a billion-dollar industry in Singapore. Therefore, having a Google 360 virtual tour should be implemented to all your listings to stay ahead of the competition.

The Google Map 360 street view features help to build more trust with your prospective buyers. Virtual tour technology creates a better connection with your audience. Building trust with your customers and creating a better emotional connection with your audience are both potential factors that increase your return on investment. In the real estate industry, both of these factors are vital. Buying a home or moving to a new place is a really big decision for any consumer. Therefore, as a real estate agency in Singapore, going the extra mile with your 3D virtual house tour marketing strategies can really help you in the long-run.

Potential buyers can feel the excitement of inspecting a potential new home all from their device’s screen in the comfort of their living room. Taking the time out of their daily schedule to go to the location to see whether the house is suitable or not may cause a lot of disruptions. Such as, not being a serious buyer or not expecting what you see when you get there.

Let’s take a look at 5 key factors that make Google Map 360 street view important for the real estate industry in Singapore.


How Google Map 360 street view build trust with customers?

Trust is especially important in the real estate industry when dealing with agents or clients. It is no doubt that investing in property is a big decision and takes the skills and efforts to sell it. Using the Google Map 360 street view application is a way to humanize your brand. Prospective buyers will have more of a response when they view listings in a 360-degree perspective.

There is an increase in comfort level when customers can really see how your business works and not just judge through images or text. Showing them your business and your listings with a virtual tour can make them trust your expertise before even meeting with you. Google Map 360 street view can make the client easily visualize themselves living in that piece of land or real estate property.

In a way, a virtual tour using the Google Map 360 street view feature shows that your business has nothing to hide and highlights the professionalism of it instead. In the real estate industry, most times listings are displayed in an ordinary fashion with images and texts. However, having a virtual tour using Google Map 360 street view of the listings can differentiate your real estate business from others.


Is there better access to target audiences using Google Map 360 street view?

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Let’s say that you have a property on the market that is selling to a specific audience such as a house that is near a school. This type of property would usually attract families with children. Therefore, using the Google Map 360 street view feature, you are able to display the property’s surroundings which families will particularly show more interest in.

With a detailed Google Map 360 street view virtual tour, it is easier to catch the eye of specific audiences. Prospective buyers can really grasp what they are in for and if they show interest which will eventually narrow down your client base.


How does Google Map 360 street view help customers to make informed decisions?

There are questions that arise in a consumer’s mind before they make a certain decision. For example in the real estate industry you would hear questions like, is there enough parking space for my cars? Is there enough space in this room for the bed that we have? Is the area safe for our young family? Before a consumer makes a decision they have to be well-informed and make sure all their questions are addressed.

These are the kind of questions you would get if your website only displayed a few images and text. What if you used Google Map 360 street view? Customers are more likely to make informed decisions when “walking” around the listing or such. They can fully tour and explore the place to answer their own questions.

With the Google Map 360 street view technology, customers can plan accordingly and not have to worry about expecting the unexpected. This response may negatively impact their buying decision if it happens. Therefore preparing them with all the details of the property with a virtual tour can clarify things before making any decisions.


What is Passive marketing?

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Google Map 360 street view is a great way for customers to do word-of-mouth marketing for your business.  Let’s say that your customer is having dinner with his friends, and he is sharing with them how he found the property that he’s planning to purchase. He knows the service with your agency has been great and even found a way to show his friends the virtual tour of the property that is on your website. Now his friends can remember your brand and put a face to the customer service experience.

Word-of-mouth marketing tends to be the more trusted form of marketing as well. The presentation of your website is important to get it passed around to more people. A Google street view 30 tools can make customers appreciate the efforts more and make them re-visit your website.


How Google Map 360 street view Increase quality of impression?

Images and visuals are 40 times more likely to be shared on social media platforms. This is because according to analysis and research, the brain processes visuals 6 times faster than text. Having more visuals will always be beneficial as it increases the quality of the impression.

Therefore, A 3D virtual tour using the Google Map 360 street view App will be processed faster rather than a wordy description of what your business offers. For example for a property listing, having paragraphs of text describing the house will not be effective to the buyer’s decisions. There must be a stronger more attractive visual tool that can really draw them in, and that is Google Map 360 street view.


Final words

At Digital Solutions we are here to give you our knowledge and expertise on all virtual tour needs. With our professional team of experts, we can deliver virtual tours that will be thriving for your business. Feel free to contact us anytime for a consultation with our VR tour creators on how to create a virtual tour!