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Importance of 3D virtual tours of real estate agents in Singapore

If you are a real estate agency in Singapore and are not onboard with 3D virtual tours, then you are missing out on a world of opportunities. The Google 360 virtual tour is dynamically changing the real estate industry. Virtual tour real estate software is designed for prospective clients to view property from the comfort of their own home. This is regardless of where they are in the world. 3D virtual house tours are installed directly onto real estate websites which deliver unlimited viewing at any time of the day. 

The traditional way of real estate marketing is hardly recognized anymore. This is when Singapore property agents provide listings to prospective buyers. Which after comes negotiations and eventually a trip to the property is planned. This way of real estate marketing is in-effective. It is time-consuming and can lead to customer frustration. 

Virtual tour real estate is a  3D virtual tour created through panoramic photographs of the property. They are seamlessly combined into a single still image where users can explore and interact by zooming in and out. It can be done in any location for example a house, a hotel room, or an art gallery. 3D virtual house tours for example that are presented in a 3D virtual tour gives the users a more memorable experience. 

Therefore why is the virtual tour real estate industry growing? Let’s take a look at 5 points that demonstrate the importance of virtual tours of property agents in Singapore. 

3D Virtual house tours are the best way to display property 

3D virtual house tours are the best method to display both the exterior and interior of a property. In fact, clients may even catch details of the property on a 3D virtual tour that they don’t catch in person. 

Virtual tour real estate presents the property in a dynamic and attractive manner. Rather than having a few high quality photographs, users can indulge in a full 3D virtual tour that can increase sales opportunities. It creates an emotional connection making the user feel they are actually present at the location. 

This is why it is important for Singapore property agents to benefit from this technological source. Property is an expensive asset in Singapore and can be a very big decision for individuals to make. Therefore, Singapore agents should invest effort into their digital marketing to make the experience of purchasing a property in Singapore the right one. 

Attract more customers to your website

Virtual tour real estate Singapore is fairly new and you will be staying ahead of your marketing strategies by having a 3D virtual tour on your website. You get the competitive advantage by showcasing 3D virtual house tours on your web page which will generate more digital traffic. 

For example, it is beneficial if you implement 3D virtual house tours to all the property on your website. This is a digital marketing strategy to gain more traction thus having more chances of people buying from your realtor agency over others. 

3D virtual house tours that are part of a responsive web design have even higher chances of attracting more customers to the website. This can potentially raise your website’s ranking on search engines such as Google. 

3D virtual house tours make a good first impression

Creating 3D virtual house tours for real estate agency websites can have a great impact on a potential client’s first impressions. In most cases, they judge that a 3D virtual tour real estate website is generally more reliable than others. 

In most cases, real estate agencies post photographs of property on their websites. Even though this may be sufficient to some, the majority do not obtain the feeling of wanting to buy property by solely looking through an image. Through a 3D virtual tour for real estate, buyers will only have to visit the property when they have found one that is suitable to their requirements. 

The main purpose of  3D virtual house tours for example, is for buyers to feel like they are actually taking a tour inside the property. This will create a better visualization of how the house looks. In addition, this is especially important for those looking for a home in Singapore to rent.

3D Virtual house tours are cost-effective

Many real estate agencies in Singapore who know about virtual tours are not implementing them. This is due to them thinking they are costly and take a lot of time to create.  There are certain plugins on softwares such as WordPress that one can help you create a 360 virtual tour hassle-free. However, if you are a real estate agency that outsources your digital marketing, a 3D virtual tour can be created professionally by them.

Outsourcing your digital marketing elsewhere can give you the benefit of having a virtual tour on your webpage. This is what digital marketers do in order to fully optimize your website. 

3D Virtual tour real estate videos will make your marketing efforts worthwhile 

People that are interested in buying a house will call your agency to make enquiries. However, they are only mildly interested based on the images and corporate video productions that you have provided on your website. With the use of virtual tours, interested buyers that call you will genuinely have an idea of what they want. 

For example, let’s say you were to schedule a house viewing with a potential buyer based on images that were provided on your website. This means you will invest time and effort to guide them with a house tour. Although, they reject because the house is not what they hoped for. 

There are many cases similar to this that real estate agencies in Singapore face. It is not uncommon, and it wastes both the buyers and the agents time. By creating virtual tours for all the property listings on your website there is an increased chance in having more genuine outcomes. 

In summary 

360 virtual tours on real estate websites can be the boost that the company needs to engage in more potential buyers. It is a smart move to make your website more attractive and presentable. 

3D virtual tours are beneficial for real estate agencies in every aspect and should be more well-known in the industry. At Digital Solutions we will provide you all the necessary information you need on virtual tours. Feel free to contact us anytime for further enquiries regarding 3D virtual tours.