Create A Virtual Tour

Create a Virtual Tour

What is virtual Tour?


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It deals about the simulation of any location using a combination of videos and images. Most virtual use different variety of multimedia elements for example music, voice over, text and sound effects. Most of the time it creates the feeling that a viewer is on the location first hand. With the latest technologies today it can also offer real time experience of a location or place.

How do you create a 360 virtual tour in Singapore?

Creating a Google 360 virtual tour is fairly straightforward for individuals that are accustomed to technology. VR tour Singapore software systems are easily accessible online and should not require meticulous skills in order to use them. In order to create a virtual tour you must be somewhat tech-savvy and have access to hardware equipment like cameras.

The virtual tour Singapore industry is slowly growing as more and more businesses become aware of the unique form of marketing. Are you a business that is familiar with the 360 virtual tour but not sure how to go about the creative process? Let’s break down the process of how to create a 360 virtual tour into 7 steps.


1. Invest in the right hardware and software.

To create a virtual tour you will need the right hardware and software. Virtual tour Singapore designs are made the same as anywhere else. Businesses tend to stray from the idea of virtual tours as they think the hardware required is expensive. However, only a panoramic featured or 360 camera is needed. These cameras are user-friendly and inexpensive.

Industries that are moving forward with having the 360 virtual tour design should research on the best reviewed 360 cameras. For example a real estate agent may want to purchase a trusted camera that will be a long-term investment to market their property listings. In this case you would need to look out for camera features, battery life, higher resolution depth and stabilizer options. Be sure to purchase the camera that gives you the functions you need to create a virtual tour Singapore.


2. Plan your product shots.

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If you are a real estate agent in Singapore that is looking to design 3D virtual house tours, make a list of all the rooms you want to highlight within the tour. Each room should have a vantage point to place the 360 camera. For example, the centre of the room will tend to catch the most detail and features. In industries like real estate, all the rooms of a property are equally important for the potential buyers. Therefore it is important to capture all rooms including bathrooms, storage rooms etc. Planning a list of shots will help you better identify which rooms to capture for your 360 virtual tour.


3. Have each room be staged.

Once you have a desired location on where to place your virtual tour 360 camera, make sure that the setting looks perfect for the shot. Stage the setting to have nothing in the way of your camera lense so that the camera will have a clear view of the entire shot. To create a virtual tour does not require that many skills but it is necessary to be precise with attention to detail.

The lighting of each shot should be checked before taking the photographs. Better lighting will contribute to the overall result of the virtual tour Singapore. The room or area should be bright enough for users to explore and see even the finest details. This is all part of the benefits of having a 360 virtual tour. Users can experience being there without having to actually be there. They may even catch details on the 360 virtual tour that they won’t catch in person.


4. Tripod should be leveled.

When purchasing a camera, be sure to invest in a  stable tripod with a panoramic mount as well. This panoramic mount feature will greatly affect the final outcome of the 360 virtual tour making it more seamless. The tripod should be leveled to the correct angle to capture uniform images. It is not recommended to create a virtual tour that does not have a level place to put your camera. This is an essential part of the process in order to achieve successful results by attaining the right lines and angles in your shot.


5. Test shots.

It is not recommended to take final shots on the first try or rush into the process of creating a 360 virtual tour. Take test shots first to fully be aware of what your 360 camera is capturing. The goal of the shots is to capture the attention of prospective buyers, therefore it is vital to be certain and pleased with your test shots first. A detailed observation would be to make sure that there are no mirrors or glass windows that capture the reflection of your camera.


6. Take shots of all your desired images.

Once you have finalized all planning and are confident to move on with the 360 virtual tour process, it is time to take all desired images on your list. Take as many shots you need for each location. It is better to have more photos than too few when it comes to the editing step.


7. Create the virtual tour.

Now that you have taken all the required images for your 360 virtual tour, a software is essential to edit it all together to make a single piece. There are softwares designed that specialize in creating a 360 virtual tour. The only steps that need to be taken in this case would be to upload all the images and add any desired features to your final design.

Choosing the right software for you may be a challenge. This is because of the vast amount of softwares online that offer different versions to essentially create the same thing. There are softwares that can come at a price, however, it may be worth it if it has all the software features that appeal to you.

In any case, professional software should be able to stitch all the static images together to create a 3D virtual tour. Virtual tours can have added features such as audio, music, interactive links, etc. The software should offer features to enhance the viewer’s experience.

What is the top 3 free softwares that can be used in 360 virtual tours?

In creating 360 virtual tours aside from using paid software one can give free software a try. Here is 3 free open-source virtual tour software:

* Lapentor – It is free and can give interactive virtual tour videos for your company. The software makes use of cloud storage too.
* OpenSpace3D – It’s portable and can give you a good virtual reality project. It has different features which are beneficial to your business virtual tours video.
* Marzipano – another open source and free virtual tour software the can provide 360-degree video. It supports desktop browsers and portable devices like cellphones.


In summary

Virtual tour Singapore is essentially the same process as anywhere else around the globe. If completed with precision and effort it can, in turn, receive great and effective results. Virtual tour Singapore software providers have made the process to create a virtual tour relatively simple. However, not every business has the time required for the production and post-production process. If that is the case, don’t be afraid to outsource these services for your business to attain professional results.

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