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Your Company’s Marketing Success Starts With A Great Digital Marketing Consultant

A company has so much to do – marketing, sales, distribution, product development and more.

Video production company Singapore specialists and VR tour creators handle all responsibilities of the creative process. The content of the corporate video may be used for promotional marketing, educational purposes, recruiting videos or sales.

Corporate video production is a form of digital video marketing and it is a growing industry worth an estimated $135 billion. 

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What are 3 things to ask when looking for a good digital marketing consultant

3 things to ask when looking for a good digital marketing consultant in Singapore

Many entrepreneurs have complications when marketing their products and services.  How can you find the most suitable firm for your business? There are many digital marketing agency Singapore businesses, but few digital marketing consultants have the experience.

Digital marketing companies usually offer services that can help a company market its products and services especially on online platforms such as social media, paid channels. The main focus is to capture the attention of potential customers and convert them into paying clients. Digital marketing consultants are needed if a company wanted to have its presence felt through digital means.

A good digital marketing consultant in Singapore would have many reviews and testimonials from past clients. For example, a good Singapore digital marketing consultant would have partnerships with reputable brands. WLP Digital has worked with clients such as Tan Tock Seng Hospital and NUS (National University of Singapore). These are both highly recognizable names in Singapore.

Finding a good digital marketing consultant is especially difficult for entrepreneurs starting new businesses in Singapore. In addition with the complex company formation Singapore process, and building the product (or service), entrepreneur still has to find trusted firms to work with. Therefore, every entrepreneur should work with a trusted company formation Singapore firm to start a business in Singapore. The firm will help you to handle and manage all the legal company formation applications.

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of digital marketing agency Singapore businesses? In this article, we look into what it takes to find a qualifiable digital marketing company in Singapore.

The advancement of technology has shown an exponential growth of digital marketing consultants. The online industry is very competitive. Many entrepreneurs work with these consultants to better improve their marketing strategies.

In this article, we discussed three questions that you can ask in order to bring your search closer into finding the right digital marketing consultant in Singapore. The three questions talk about the price point, the action plan and optimization.

1. What’s your price?

Setting the company’s budget before making a decision is important. This will be helpful to the business’s financial planning and communication. The budget will determine what services the digital marketing consultant Singapore offers. There will be more services provided with a higher budget. The quality of the service will generally be pre-determined by the Singapore digital marketing consultant’s experience.

It is challenging for a digital marketing consultant to work with a fixed price. This is because there is a wide range of marketing strategies and campaigns. Each of which is being customised for the organization. The price may vary during the process. Communication between you and your Singapore digital marketing consultant is vital here.

Setting your price, in the beginning, can determine which digital marketing consultant Singapore fits the price point for you. This will make your search easier. It is important to note that digital marketing can go a long way. Setting a higher budget for this will result in more room for your business to grow.

Price of the best digital marketing consultants most of the time are based on the positive effects your company will be experiencing and for how long it will last. It is basically what you see is what you get, so it pays to have a thorough conversation with your chosen digital marketing consultant.

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2. What can you, as a Singapore digital marketing consultant, do for me now?

It is crucial to develop an idea of how a Singapore digital marketing consultant works. Moreover, how the digital marketing consultant works. Look at your current marketing strategies and see how it improves. There should be more ideas put in place. The Singapore digital marketing consultant should convey all their ideas before implementing them.

A well-qualified digital marketing consultant in Singapore would have experience in different fields. The Singapore digital marketing consultant should be in line with your industry and its unique needs. There is a risk of it leading to a faulty marketing campaign if there is no prior experience.

The business should note down the problems in marketing they are struggling with. This is for your business to communicate with the digital marketing consultant. Search engine optimization is an example. As well as, mismanagement and/or lack of content and social media marketing.

A good digital marketing consultant must have the following traits and qualifications such as:

  • A degree in marketing, communications, or business. Since its all about business it better that your digital marketing consultant has a background about it.
  • An excellent portfolio of previous works to show the client. It will not only attract the client but will boost their confidence that you can deliver what they need.
  • He or she must have specific expertise in a given niche[1] Digital marketing has a wide range of niches and a good digital marketing consultant
  • Knowledge of the latest digital marketing tools is a must. We deal with the world wide web and nowadays there’s a lot of tools that you can use to provide value to your clients.
  • Leadership skills and professionalism.
  • A good listener to the needs of the company. A good digital marketing consultant knows how to listen and can emphasize to its clients. In listening, we can provide insights on how to develop a strategy specific to the company.
  • Understand what is strategy and tactic, it is good to know the difference between the two terms. It will be easy to prepare a whole game plan for the company and provide directed actions for a specific product or service.

The digital marketing process can be very in-depth and confusing without proper guidance. Due to this fact, it is important to receive references for their previous projects. This will illustrate how a certain strategy works, and if they are suitable to and in-line with your needs. Certain consultancy firms may not disclose campaigns with past clients due to privacy rights. However, it is possible to show their expertise with various internal campaigns.

How are you going to optimize your strategy?

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According to Investopedia, strategy in digital marketing refers to the game plan of the company to attract or reached out to their prospective consumers or clients[2] It must contain the 4 P’s: Price, products, place, and promotion. On the other hand, a tactic is an action made to a product of the company to reach potential customers or clients.

It is not difficult to find a good digital marketing company in Singapore. Yet, it is important to find one with a lot of experience. This is because a good digital marketing consultant in Singapore will help your business reach your target audience, and promote your product or service.

During communication with the Singapore digital marketing consultant, you need to clarify how the strategy would work, and whether it optimizes an existing strategy or piece of content. Sometimes, you will need to create new content for your website in order to have a much more effective and consistent marketing strategy.

The best digital marketing strategies are self-sustaining and bring a return on investment. This can form into a business relationship with the digital marketing company for future projects.

What are the different types of digital marketing strategies?

Types of digital marketing strategies

They are:

  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram etc.)
  • Influencer marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Display Ads
  • Blog Sponsorships

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Digital Marketing Is The New Age Marketing Channel

In the 1990s, advertising was all about newspapers and television ads. They were about celebrity endorsements.

Today, everyone is a mini-celebrity. The average teenager has over a thousand followers on Instagram.

Anyone can go viral on TikTok and start receiving brand deals within months[3] Think of Charlie D’melio & the Indonesian student who made millions selling NFTs of selfies.

Because of the wide range of options you have today, it’s very important to work with a great digital marketing consultant.

So Many Digital Marketing Options. Which To Choose?

Well that’s exactly why you need to work with a great digital marketing consultant! Every company will use different digital marketing strategies.

For instance an eCommerce company would use social media marketing and probably work with influencers to promote their products on their page.

On the other hand, a law firm might might use SEO or reputation management since most of its customers are business owners who might not spend a lot of their time on Instagram or Facebook.

Every company needs a good digital marketing strategy, and to execute this, you will need to engage a good Singapore digital marketing consultant to assist you. At WLP Digital, our services offer you guidance on all the information you need and more! Feel free to contact us to discuss your opportunities in the digital marketing world.

Thomas LimThomas Lim
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I have to admit that working with WLP Digital Ecommerce team has been awesome. Information provided was accurate and responses are very fast. Direction of our F&B company digital marketing campaign are clear and highly result driven. Thank you for driving up our marketing and sales!
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WLP Digital has a great team that helped me develop my online website for my customers to purchase easily. I have also engage their social media marketing management which has tremendously increase my sales revenue. I like the professionalism of their digital consultant and my digital campaign manager has always provided me with quality data to allow me to plan my marketing strategy with them together. Keep up the great work!
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We were novices in term of website design but we were really fortunate to dealt with a professional digital solutions team @ WLP Digital.The project team handheld us through the whole process. They were earnest and prompt in answering all our queries and concerns, and always on hand to offer practical solutions that led to the successful launch of our corporate website. Keep up the great work ! ^^
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We had a great time working with the digital solutions team from the WLP Digital. Bryan is well equipped with the professional knowledge needed to clarify all our doubts. Furthermore, we can always obtain prompt responses from him where he is always patient when explaining to us.
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Would love to thank the website developer for their professional service in revamping our website. Our project manager's product knowledge is excellent and is able to offer us good advice on how to enhance our corporate website design and website product listings. She is also very accommodating to some of our technical requests which are out of the norm. Web development stays on schedule and WLP digital ultimately launch our website in a timely manner. Impressive by the web design work and flow!