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Claim Up To 50% Funding Through The PSG Grant for your GPS Tracking Device!

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WLP Digital is Endorsed by IMDA & Enterprise SG for the PSG Grant for Fleet Management

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GPS can be used for Lorry / Van / Car
100% Accurate GPS Tracking & Recording for your Fleet

We offer fleet management system, it is the black box of the motor vehicle world. This includes our GPS tracking device and fleet management system. It will record live data on speeding, acceleration, braking and more, all time and date stamped.

Everything can be tracked and monitored as long as your GPS tracking device is turned on and active.

Note that Singaporean SMEs will also be provided a $10,000 SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit for business or workforce transformations. Find out if you qualify here.

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WLP Digital is Endorsed by IMDA & Enterprise SG for the PSG Grant!

The PSG Grant is a government grant only for small businesses in Singapore. The PSG Grant encourages small businesses to adopt technology that improves efficiency and productivity within businesses. It is a grant provided by IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Agency) and Enterprise SG.

The PSG Grant can be used for any pre-approved technology solution such as accounting software or fleet management systems. However, please note that businesses can only get a GPS tracking device and apply for the PSG Grant under a pre-approved company. (This grant is not applicable for services provided by freelancers.) Check this out for more information about the PSG Grant.

Am I Eligible for the PSG Grant?

Am I Eligible for the PSG Grant?

The PSG Grant is definitely something that small business owners in Singapore should know about. But there are more requirements and not every company in Singapore is eligible for the grant.

To find out more, contact us for a consultation with our consultants! We’ll get back to you and share more details about the PSG Grant for fleet management system and GPS tracking devices.

What are the requirements to be eligible for the PSG Grant?

What are the requirements to be eligible for the PSG Grant?

Some of the requirements are:

  • Your business needs to be incorporated in Singapore.
  • Your company must be classified as a “Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)”. This means that your company’s annual revenue must be lower than SGD $100M or your company must not have more than 200 employees.
  • Your company must have a minimum of 30% shareholding by local Singaporeans.
  • All technology services that you are looking to claim under the PSG Grant must be purchased from pre-approved vendors in Singapore.
  • You plan to use the technology or software purchased in Singapore for improve your business’s operations and efficiency.

Find out more here.

What documents do I need to have on hand when I apply for the PSG Grant?

What documents do I need to have on hand when I apply for the PSG Grant?

You need to have a formal quotation from a pre-approved PSG Grant vendor.

You also need to complete and have a copy of your completed application form on Business Grants Portal (which is done under your SingPass account). This means that only Singaporean citizens and PRs can do this since you’ll need a SingPass account.

How can a fleet management system help my business become more efficient?

How can a fleet management system help my business become more efficient?

Automatic Fleet Planning

Our software builds the most efficient delivery schedule in a few seconds based on all the factors involved. The software takes all constraints into account and analyses everything to ensure the fastest route and reduces hours on the road.

Our Efficient Route Optimizer

Our fleet management system helps you to improve the productivity and efficiency of your entire fleet. Our software is perfect for real-time route planning and finding the perfect delivery route with multiple stops in close proximity.

Drag & Drop Route Planning

Use our drag & drop UI to assign orders to drivers. Our drag & drop UI makes it easy to learn to manage all your orders and deliveries.

Make Changes To Deliveries In Real Time

Our software and GPS tracker devices records the progress of each delivery, the current position of the driver and the remaining driver hours.

This is all done in real-time so you’ll be able to receive data and analytics once the route has started. We find the quickest and best way to deliver an order.

Can fleet management help with delays?

Can fleet management help with delays?

Yes, of course it can!

Fleet management software provides ETA (Estimate Time Arrival) for each order and delivery. It re-calculates the ETA for each delivery if the previous delivery is done earlier or later.

The ETA also changes in real-time if there’s any traffic or accidents on the road. Both you and the driver are notified in any changes and the new ETA of the next delivery.

We track all vehicles in real-time. We use both GPS tracker devices and mobile app where you can track all your drivers in real-time.

What is a GPS tracking device?

What is a GPS tracking device?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. A GPS tracking device is a piece of hardware that records the location of itself and sends it back to some software or server.

Generally, a GPS device must have some type of connection available. This means that GPS devices may not function well if in an elevator or covered in an aluminium box whereby signal can’t reach the GPS device.

How can the fleet management software connect with the GPS tracking device?

How can the fleet management software connect with the GPS tracking device?

Fleet management software is just the backend software that we use to record and analyse the routes of all deliveries. Fleet management software treats each driver as one variable and our system knows that each driver has a number of orders to complete.

Our fleet management software maps the best and quickest route for the driver, from start to finish. But before that, the fleet management system needs to know the location of the driver.

That’s where GPS tracking devices come in. It’s a piece of hardware that requires a connection to send data over to our backend fleet management system.

As the driver completes his deliveries, traffic jams and accidents may occur. Our system will recalculate the route and find the real-time optimal route for the driver to finish his deliveries in the shortest time possible. After that, the fleet management system will share this information with the driver via the app.

Our Features

1. Online Tracking

Respond to events that happen quickly. Be aware of all accidents and issues that happen during deliveries.

2. Route Optimization

Reduce miles and the time taken to get to your destination. Saved on fuel costs and make deliveries in faster times.

3. Geofence Control

Track events & happenings within your selected geographical area.

4. Driver Behavior Monitoring

Prevent accidents by taking metrics. Keep KPIs that record the performance of deliveries and logistics which you can compare month-to-month.

Why WLP Digital

WLP Digital is the Singapore leading one stop digital solutions brand and partner-of-choice for local conglomerates and multinational corporations within the Asia Pacific region.

Our team at WLP Digital consists of highly experienced digital professionals with extensive experience; all sharing the common goal of achieving excellence. Our philosophy lies in building and cherishing trust. Complexity begets complexity, and simplicity breeds simplicity. With trust, there is no suspicion, and the result is simplicity and efficiency.

With our understanding of fleet management systems and GPS tracking devices, we strive to provide your fleet data at your fingertips so that you can effectively manage your fleet. Where we bring you reliable digital solutions efficiently, accurately backed by our 24/7 technical support service.

Manage Your Fleet On Your Phone
Fleet Management App

1. Cloud Based Software

Access your tracking platform anytime, anywhere either on your mobile or web devices. Check the status of your GPS tracking device on your mobile phone.

2. Overview of your Fleet Location

Real-Time locations of all your vehicles.

Get real time updates from your vehicles with notifications pushed to your mobile or emails.

Observe driving behaviours of your drivers. Our GPS tracker devices and fleet management system records data including harsh braking and excessive acceleration to ensure that everyone’s sake on the road.

3. Fleet Journey & Manage Cost Control

Manage fuel consumption and mileage.

Managing vehicles maintenance logs, road tax, insurance and servicing intervals.

4. Route Planning & Optimization

Reduce mileage and time to destination.

Use Google Maps data for precise address info and routing.

Save Up To 37% In Operating Costs!

Reduce Time & Fuel Expenses By Managing Your Fleet More Efficiently!

Increase the productivity & efficiency of your fleet

Prevent any wasted resources and ensure that your drivers are always taking the best delivery routes with our real-time tracking and ETA system.

Increase your business’s profit margins

A more efficient fleet means less wasted resources like fuel. This means lower costs and a higher profit margin which you can use to reinvest back into your business!

Consultation & installation

Our fleet management system is really easy to use. But our consultants will share with you all our features beforehand and help you with the installation and set up.

Track your entire fleet with real-time GSP tracking

Track all your drivers and your entire fleet with GSP tracking devices. View all their deliveries in real-time and even the ETAs for their next deliveries.

Real-time ETAs that change with traffic

Our fleet management system provides ETAs on the next delivery.

If there’s an accident on the road, our fleet management system will update the ETA in real-time! And you won’t have to do anything manually – our GPS tracking devices will send data to our fleet management software!

Find the quickest & optimal route to complete all deliveries

Your drivers will have a number of orders to complete and the goal is to finish it in the shortest time possible. Our fleet management software will provide the more efficient delivery plan for the entire day.

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