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What is a virtual tour and why is it useful?

Would you ever think it is possible to walk through a desired location and absorb every detail of its surroundings all from a computer or mobile device? Yes that is very possible in today’s digital era and it is called a virtual tour. A 360 virtual tour, or VR tour, is a simulation of an existing location. A virtual tour is not the same as a video tour. Virtual tour Singapore VR tour systems are designed by a composed sequence of still images. Virtual tour experience could be viewed nowadays through desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even mobile devices.

Firstly it is important to note that a 360 virtual tour is not the same as video tours. They do share similarities, however a 360 virtual tour can give the user a feel of interaction. This is because users can scan through an entire scene and zoom in to areas of particular interest. To create a professional virtual tour requires the skills of a digital marketing expert. A complete 360 virtual tour consists of many panoramic images which are edited to perfection to create one still image. A good VR tour creator will be able to advice you on taking panoramic images. Though not well-known, a bad VR tour creator makes a huge difference between a realistic virtual tour and a "fake" looking one.

Virtual tour Singapore businesses are getting more recognition in current times. Contributing factors such as customer convenience and accessibility are why businesses choose to create a virtual tour. A 360 virtual tour can be easily done with the use of VR tour technology. However, businesses that need to record large spaces in a professional manner should consider leaving it in the hands of virtual tour Singapore experts. Digital Solutions is also a video production company. Call us at +65 6493 2970 for more information about our VR tours!

Who needs a virtual tour?

Virtual tours are growing exponentially within every industry. Virtual tour Singapore projects are not uncommon as more and more businesses move their marketing from offline to online. What are some industries in Singapore that use a 360 virtual tour more often than others?

1. VR tours for showrooms and stores

The main purpose of a showroom is to exhibit their products so that customers can view them. It is rare to see a large crowd walk into a showroom though. With the use of a 360 virtual tour, prospective customers can view the exhibits in the comfortability of their own home. Showrooms create a virtual tour for users to be able to zoom in on products that catch their interest. With the skill of virtual tour Singapore experts, the 360 virtual tour will be user-friendly and potentially boost digital traffic.

2. Tourist industry

Tourists industries use the 360 virtual tour experience to attract more people to the desired destination. Consumers want to experience the feel of the destination before investing a lot in it. To create a virtual tour of a tourist attraction requires time and effort of virtual tour Singapore specialists due to more complex images needed. Examples of a 360 virtual tour within the tourist industry could be of museums, landmarks, local hotels and restaurants.

3. Educational institutions

Educational institutions use a 360 virtual tour to showcase their infrastructure. They create a virtual tour designed to exhibit their campus, classrooms and other facilities. While visiting the campus in person can be done, individuals who are too busy prefer to check our schools or universities online. Prestigious universities in Singapore such as NUS and SMU create a virtual tour to attract potential students.

4. Real estate agencies

Real estate agencies use 3d real estate virtual tours to give their prospective clients a feel of the home before they visit in person. It is all part of the sales process to attract potential buyers. Having a 360 virtual tour entitles the client to see whether the property is right for them. It saves the time of the agents on showcasing the property in-person to an individual who has no intention on making a purchase. Construction companies have also used the benefits of a 360 virtual tour to show house plans. Therefore, the buyer can give their intake on it rather than visiting the site every given time.

Why is it useful to have a virtual tour for your business?

Google 360 virtual tours are part of a marketing strategy to potentially boost traffic and sales. In this case, businesses depend on the visibility of their product to make sales. In times where almost everything is turning digital, virtual tours are a great way to expand into your company’s digital marketing.

In digital marketing, visibility is key to making sales. Virtual tours and Google Street View 360 tours can improve local SEO traffic. The increase of SEO traffic is for individuals who search for a business in a local area. Having a successful and user-friendly 360 virtual tour can increase views from smartphone users. Virtual tours can make great social media content. Users are more likely to share and like the virtual tours posted on social media. Therefore, VR tours gives the business free advertising through the use of social media platforms.

Benefits of a virtual tour (VR tour) for your business

There are many advantages to having a virtual tour as part of your digital marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits in this article.

1. Less time consuming.

Virtual tours save you time and let you focus on serious buyers that contact you after they have experienced the 360 virtual tour. This is especially important to real estate businesses where VR tours help prospective buyers to imagine and "live" in the space.

2. Customer freedom.

Virtual tours allow clients to view all areas of the location without having to be rushed into making a decision. The virtual tour gives them as much time as they need to decide on whether they want to make the purchase or not.

3. Unlimited viewing.

Increased visibility of your website means a higher chance of making a sale. A virtual tour can capture the attention of potential clients from all over the globe. As a virtual tour is online and available 24 hours 7 days a week, users can view it at any time of day just by searching for your website.

4. Good feel of visualization.

Individuals in search of a house or hotel room make purchases judging by what they see. Therefore, virtual tours give them detailed access to the product which improves visualization.

5. Higher chance of selling.

A successful and user-friendly 360 virtual tour captures the attention of prospective buyers without you having to directly market it to them. This is a step closer to getting a new customer.

In summary

Virtual tours can be extremely effective for any business if done in a professional manner. Virtual tours can be made in-house or by virtual tour Singapore professionals that are well-experienced. Here at Digital Solutions, we create virtual tours for businesses of any industry with our team of digital marketing experts. Feel free to contact us today for more information regarding our VR tour software!

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