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If more people are aware of Google street view 360 and how to use it, more travellers will access it for convenience.

Just as Google maps is used daily by so many of us, Google street view 360 can easily become one of the next great tools for the travelling and vacation industry.

Here at WLP Digital, we provide you with more knowledge on what Google street view 360 is and how you could use it for your business.

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What is Google Street 360 View?

Google Street 360 View

A Google 360 virtual tour is a tool launched by Google for businesses to publish a virtual tour to their online presence. It is a method to enhance business listings using Google street view. A business that Incorporates a Google 360 virtual tour will likely rank higher in search listings. Businesses with search listings are 94% likely to be more reputable. These searches are more likely to be used by potential customers than businesses without a listing. It is statistically stated by Google that 29% of the users are more likely to purchase goods or services from businesses with search listings.

The Google 360 virtual tour is also widely known as Google street view. This is a technology that is featured in Google Earth and Google Maps. The Google virtual tour is designed to give interactive panoramas of an existing location from various angles. As mentioned earlier, using the Google 360 virtual tour your business can greatly benefit from the “Google My Business” listing with the technology.

The Google virtual tour creator can be used to give a virtual reality tour of your business from any setting. Such as your office, store or restaurant. You will be letting your audiences get the chance to fully be immersed in the life-like experience. This powerful first impression by using Google virtual tour will be a contributing factor to achieving new customers.

What is it like to use the Google 360 virtual tour creator?

The Google virtual tour creator enables viewers to a 360-degree perspective where they can tour around any existing location without physically being present at the location. For example, if you were to own a restaurant and you enabled a Google 360 Virtual tour to your platform, potential customers will be able to see your Google Street 360 view and even look into your restaurant.

The process of developing an immersive 360-degree virtual tour of any setting becomes much easier using the Google virtual tour creator. There are pre-installed features on the Google 360 virtual tour which are beneficial for businesses in many ways. Firstly, the Google virtual tour creator allows you to create a 360 virtual tour without needing to take personalized photographs of the location. This is effective for businesses that do not have the time on their hands to purchase a 360 camera and take the required images themselves. It is cost-effective as you would not have to increase expenses by purchasing any hardware equipment like cameras and tripods. To do this, you can have easy access to Google Street View if you do not already have photographs of the location.

Another feature that the Google virtual tour creator offers is it can support photos from the Cardboard Camera App. This is a recent update launched by the Google virtual tour tool. With this update, you can use personalized photos taken from the Cardboard Camera App without having a 360-degree camera to capture the panoramic shots.

It is recommended for companies to create a “Business Virtual Tour” using the features of the Google virtual tour. This comes at a price, however, will be worth the investment. The smart and user-friendly features allow you to create pro-level tours without requiring the need for technical knowledge. Every feature is installed to make your dream virtual tour come true for your business. The pro-level Google virtual tour can even add multiple scenes or locations to a single virtual tour.

How do you use a Google 360 virtual tour creator?

Once your tour is created, you are able to share your virtual tour with a simple link. With no external apps or downloads, you can directly embed the link onto your blog, website or social media platform.

The Google 360 tour creator is made to be user-friendly and only has four steps to get your virtual tour up and running. These steps include:

  1. Upload your own 360-degree photos or use the content that is already on Google Street View.
  2. The tool will allow you to highlight points of interest that are worth exploring. Users may find this helpful as a way to guide them through your business setting.
  3. There are smart features such as image overlays. This is a built-in feature where you can add 2D images so Google Street 360 viewers can explore the points of interest with more attention to detail.
  4. The ‘easy sharing’ feature enables viewers to watch the Google virtual tour on multiple devices. Users can watch the tour on computers, mobile devices and the Google Cardboard App.
Why is using the Google 360 virtual tour beneficial for business?

Using the Google 360 virtual tour can enhance the presence of your business online. This is vital if you are trying to attain more brand awareness. It is technologically ideal to have a virtual tour for your business as more users are becoming digitally inclined. With an advanced Google virtual tour tool, your business can add in a lot more details about the products and services you offer.

An advanced Google virtual tour consists of inputting all types of information such as videos, images and texts in all forms. This enables you to introduce your products and services in an interactive manner. This will not only spark more interest in your business, but users are able to comprehend the details of your products and services instantly.

Creating an interactive Google virtual tour business experience will increase your sales. With the up-to-date VR features, it will be an unforgettable and realistic experience for your consumers.

With a single click, Google Street 360 viewers are informed of any events that you have going on or any upcoming events to take note of. It is a great way to market your business’s activities.

How has Google Street View 360 changed vacations and travelling?

Since the launch of Google street view 360 in 2007, Google Street View has recorded over 10 million miles worth of images. As of 2015, Google street view 360 had nearly a billion monthly active users around the world. Why was Google Street 360 view so popular? Why did people gain interest in the virtual reality world?

The Google street 360 view application has changed the way we experience travelling and vacations. The App has images recorded in all 7 continents over the world. This means travellers are using the App to find certain places, or explore more locations. Either way, it is technology used to help people get around and has greatly benefited the travelling industry.

In this article, let’s take a look at ways that Google Maps 360 Street view has paved the path for travellers and vacations.

How does Google Street 360 view prevent travellers from easily getting lost?

With the advanced technology that Google street view 360 has, there are images that are captured perfectly recording every detail. Travellers can benefit from the Google street 360 view application to find their way around. Google Maps and Google My Business virtual tour provides a variety of functions that demonstrate the information of an existing location. Google street view on the other hand gives you a full 360-degree panoramic view of the location.

The Google street view 360 feature is designed to help travellers get an idea of how a place is and looks before going there. The 360-degree panoramic images can help travellers decide whether they want to carry on with their plans or not. It also confirms where the desired place is, and what they should expect it to look like before going there.

Tourism experts have stated that they depend heavily on technology for navigational systems to get around. Having technology like Google maps and Google street view 360 can lead travellers to be more flexible and spontaneous in their travel plans.

How did Google Street 360 view revolutionise the real estate industry?

Imagine if you were in the real estate industry or you were a person that needs to travel to another state to visit the desired property. Having Google street view has done wonders for people in this situation. Being able to view the property before going there has been a great way to confirm certain plans. For example, travelling accommodating property websites like Airbnb also offer Google street view to gain insight on how the property is before the traveller goes into any agreement with the property owner.

Many let downs from vacations or travelling have been due to accommodation factors. Therefore, travellers can use the Google street 360 view features to be fully aware of the property they are visiting and not get any surprises.

Real estate agents use the Google street view 360 features with real estate virtual tours to enhance their apps and websites, giving potential home-hunters a better user experience.

How has Google Street View helped to make hotel bookings easier?

Since Google street view 360 features allow you to move around the location and view the images in 360-degree perspective – it is a method for travellers to plan on their accommodation and their itinerary planning.

As mentioned before, individuals can view the accommodation before actually purchasing or agreeing to any transaction. Images on hotel websites may be highly edited, or may not be the actual pictures of the desired room you will be staying in. Therefore having an in-depth perspective from the Google street 360 view tool, it is easier for you to decide whether or not you want to be booking a room there. This goes the same way with your itinerary planning. Say you want to visit a restaurant in a city that you are visiting but you have no idea how the restaurant looks like. Open up the Google street view 360 tools, insert the restaurant’s name, and see whether it is suitable to your liking and if it is worth travelling the distance there.

Google street view 360 has numerous ways to make travellers adventure risk-free and more convenient. It saves a lot of time when it comes to decision-making and gives a visual representation of where you are going before actually getting there.

The travelling and vacation industry has definitely been impacted by Google maps and Google street view 360 in a beneficial way. It makes people feel safer when they are travelling and hence encourages more people to do it. Of course, to be able to access Maps and Street view, travellers will need to have data or wifi in the respective countries. This is the one factor that may cause inconvenience for travellers going to secluded locations with no access to mobile networks. That is typically not the case though.

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Google 360 Virtual Tour Has Helped To Preserve Culture

In 2011, indigenous communities living in the Amazon forest had used Google’s street view 360 to show people where and how they lived. Therefore also conveying that their habitat was in need of protection.

Now you can view more about the world right from the comfort of your chair. This preserves certain special destinations from tourists trampling there. It is not an ideal factor for the travelling industry. However, these are some of the many advantages of the Google street 360 view application.

It creates a sense of being in another location and learning more about the place without having to go there. Travelling does come with a lot of disruption to the environment, however with Google street view 360 you can travel anywhere in the world without the negative impacts. In a way, Google street view 360 has brought people together from all across the globe.

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