Google My Business Virtual Tour

Google My Business virtual tour

Why outsource your Google My Business virtual tour services?

Since the world has come to the point where almost everything is transitioning from offline to online, the Google My Business virtual tour technology can help make consumers feel the real-life experience of being there without actually being there. The advancement of technology has led to businesses selling products and services through displaying high quality images. 

However, how would real estate agencies show the property details through an image? How can individuals purchase hotel rooms without seeing the amenities and facilities the hotel has to offer? This will affect decision-making as consumers do not always have the time to go to the sight to view the final product. 

Here at Digital Solutions we can help businesses from any industry. Businesses such as real estate agencies, schools, hotels, museums etc. can implement our professional Google My Business virtual tour services. Digital Solutions is the best outsourcing partner in Singapore offering the highest quality content for all Google My Business virtual tour needs. Let’s take a look at the creative process when you outsource virtual tours and the importance of finding the right tour creator for you. 

Working with a professional virtual tour creator Singapore 

When you work with an experienced Google My Business virtual tour creator, there is a pre-set process that can make the development process much more convenient. Google My Business virtual tour experts will make use of high-end facilities such as a photo studio and advanced tools to make the virtual tour come to life. 

Here are some of the steps that are required during the creative process.  

  1. Requirements meeting 

In the first step, the Google My Business virtual tour creators will meet with their client to gather any requirements or information regarding the virtual tour. Several Google My Business virtual tour companies will go down to the location to capture the shots needed for the Google My Business virtual tour. However in some cases, the client may have already taken the 360 images and will share the images to the virtual tour specialist. 

  1. Sampling 

Once the 360 images have been captured and transferred onto an encrypted file format, the Google My Business virtual tour specialists can begin to stitch them together. This is followed by a strict quality check. The sample will then be sent over to the client for review. This is when a quote for the project  will be determined. 

  1. Documentation process 

This is where the client will give their approval of the sample virtual tour. They will also check factors such as the quality, price and turnaround time. This is where any feedback should be communicated between the two parties. 

  1. Virtual tour creation 

The final photographs are transferred and a team of Google My Business virtual tour specialists will begin to sequence them in order and seamlessly stitch them to make a single piece. This process is done with complete accuracy and quality. 

  1. Quality check 

The final virtual tour will have multiple quality checks. This process is conducted by the QA team. Several checks will be manual as well as semi-automated checks. This is to ensure that the quality of the image stitching is done as per requirements of the client. 

  1. Final Google My Business virtual tour

After all checks have been done, the client will review the virtual tour and make sure everything is in place. Any feedback or suggestions offered by the client will be reworked into the final vr tour

Google VR tour creators in Singapore have different methods to their creative process. However, this is a general idea of what you would potentially experience when partnering up with a Google My Business virtual tour specialist.

How to select an experienced virtual tour creator? 

Conducting research is vital before partnering up with a Google My Business virtual tour creator to work with. Selecting an experienced virtual tour creator will depend on the research you do on them. Experienced virtual tour creators should have worked with many businesses from various industries. They should have a client’s portfolio that can demonstrate case studies that have been done before. Experienced virtual tour creators will work with hotels, restaurants, real estate agents, schools etc. This will be beneficial when it comes to selecting a tour creator as you know your work will be in good hands. 

An experienced and well-qualified Google My Business virtual tour creator should express traits of dedication, passion, and confidence in their work. There should be samples on their website or upon request for you to judge the quality of their work. When a virtual tour creator takes pride in quality and accuracy then you are on the right track. Quality and accuracy are two important factors for virtual tour creator business to have as it presents through the final outcome. A virtual tour that is not accurate or of good quality, will not be published. Therefore, working with an experienced virtual tour creator is important to avoid that case from happening. 

Selecting an experienced Google Map 360 virtual tour creator is important for your business’s presentation. An experienced virtual tour creator can create a masterpiece for your website or social media platform. Without the experience, the virtual tour creators may be learning as they go and that could negatively impact the final result. Which would either be a waste of time and money on your end, or there would be a poorly done virtual tour published on your  webpage. 

That will not be good for your company’s reputation. It is essential to conduct research and assure the virtual tour creators you plan to work with have the necessary experience and can work with your field of expertise. 

In summary 

Creating a 3d virtual tour for your company with the hands of an expert can have a decent return on investment. A well-done virtual tour will attract more customers to your attention and in that sense potentially increase sales. 

At Digital Solutions, we have a team of experts that can demonstrate our expertise on virtual reality tours. We can go to your location and capture the 360 images for you with quality technology. Feel free to contact us today for more information!