eCommerce Website Design Singapore

eCommerce Website Design Singapore

What are Things to consider in an effective eCommerce Website Design in Singapore?

Nowadays, thinking of developing an eCommerce website is the best idea to do. Businesses are going online, and we all love online shopping due to the ease it. In this article, we will focus on eCommerce website design in Singapore. The tips we are going to share are equally effective for anyone to develop an eCommerce Website. But, why did I mention Singapore? Because this article will contain some data and figures about the Singaporean market. So, it’s time for some data.

Using an eCommerce website

Using an eCommerce website

According to Statista, on average, each person spent $1000 on buying from e-commerce platforms in Singapore for the year 2020. The number of people using an eCommerce platform in Singapore for shopping in 2019 was three-quarters of mobile users in the country. And another forecast made by Media One, a leading digital marketing agency, states that by 2023, the market volume of eCommerce platforms in Singapore will be US$8549 million. The overall growth from 2019-2023 is expected to 14.2% annually. 

From these figures, you must have an idea of how big the eCommerce industry is in the Singaporean market. These trends clearly show that the shopping experiences of most people are shifting. They are moving from brick-and-mortar stores to online eCommerce platforms in Singapore, due to reasons such as ease of shopping.

What are the 5 things to consider for effective website design for an eCommerce business?

 At this time, you might be thinking, ‘Well, anyone can start their online store.’ Undoubtedly the eCommerce business in Singapore is booming, but not all the eCommerce platforms in Singapore get the same amount of traffic and conversion rates. There are many reasons for the higher bounce back rate and low conversions. 

Social Media Platforms

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Developing an eCommerce website is just like choosing your attire. Unlike a physical store, your visitors can’t touch the products offered by you. The whole user experience is based on how you have presented them. A clumsy eCommerce website design with unorganized content is just a waste of your money and time. Therefore, we have given you some pro-tips that an effective eCommerce web design in Singapore should have. So, let’s dive in.

What is a Responsive Web Design?

In this digital era, users and online buyers are just like free-swaying birds. And specifically, mobile users are constantly multi-tasking.  One of the most important things to consider when you develop an eCommerce website is to make sure your website is responsive. Here responsive means that it is rendered to be presentable on any device you use to access it.

eCommerce website design

According to the report of GlobalWebIndex, out of all online shoppers in Singapore, 51% bought products by visiting any eCommerce platform in Singapore by their mobile.  91% of internet users typed in their search query on google about buying some product, and 89% visited any eCommerce platform in Singapore through any device. 

Now, you can imagine, if your website is not optimized for mobiles and smaller-screen devices, your nightmare of decreasing sales may come true.  To know more about responsive web design, you might like to read our article on what is responsive web design

To check if your eCommerce platform is optimized for mobile users, you can take google’s mobile-friendly test, and it’s free. This is key in optimizing your platform when you develop an eCommerce website.


Internet users are very concerned about their privacy while spending their time on online platforms. Whenever a user has bought something from your website, you become liable for their private information like credit card number, email, address, etc. And Stephane Nappo rightly said that: “It takes 20 years to build your reputation, and a few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.” 

Specifically, for an eCommerce website design in Singapore, adding an extra layer of security is very important. If the visitor feels confident and safe, only then will they trust you to make transactions. Secure Socket Layers(SSL) are the protocols that ensure the encryption of data that is sent over the internet. You must have the SSL certificate when you are acquiring a domain to develop an eCommerce website. This will ensure that your business does not become a victim of any cyber theft. Moreover, for any eCommerce platform in Singapore, any transaction involving credit card payments, CPI compliance requires the security of the eCommerce website to protect your clients’ details. This is the most important part in the process of eCommerce website designing.

Enable Guest Checkout 

If the users have to register and fill out long forms to make an account prior to buying products from your website, there is a high chance that they will switch to some other online store. And this is not something that you want. Repeated buyers may be interested in creating an account to save their information for future purchases. But again, we cannot ignore any of the user groups in business.

Enabling a smooth user experience is a vital part of the online buying experience. Most users want the process to be comfortable and fast. In an effective eCommerce website design in Singapore, guest checkouts will enable your buyers to execute their transactions quickly and anonymously. Although you will want buyers to make an account, you cannot force them to do so. But after completion of their transaction, you can provide an option for them to create an account with one click using the same information they entered already. 

Pay Attention to Site Search

Many of us use search options while visiting any eCommerce website. Having a convenient search box is necessary. You should ensure that when you develop an eCommerce website, the search bar is obvious and consistent so that your users can easily find it. Adding the autocomplete option can be a cherry on the topping for the site search experience.

The site search should be seamless and comprehensive. Anyone searching for a t-shirt should be landed on the product page of the t-shirt and not on dress shirts. You can also add faceted navigation in your web design that enables the visitor to narrow down their search by size, variety, price, and other features. An effective eCommerce website design in Singapore is all about the user’s experience.  


Optimize your Website 

You should optimize your website for speed of loading, time for images to appear, and other factors when you develop an eCommerce website. According to some figures, a user will switch from a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, you should make sure that you are not losing traffic and conversions due to the low speed of loading content on your website. You can use compressed images to provide the user with the best result in fewer bytes. Moreover, you can use the cache to considerably decrease the amount of time that is spent on the transferring of data on the internet.  

In summary

In this article, we have discussed some of the best practices which will help you to achieve an effective eCommerce website design in Singapore. These are some of the most essential things which should be practiced when you are in a phase of eCommerce website development. Still, it doesn’t make others less critical. 

Various other factors contribute to an effective eCommerce website design.  The organization of the content on your website, search engine optimized content on landing pages, targeting different users with the right content, are some examples. We are a digital marketing company in Singapore. If you need help on developing the best eCommerce website design in Singapore, contact us today for professional support.