Responsive Web Design: Why does it matter in developing an eCommerce Platform in Singapore

Responsive Web Design: Why does it matter in developing an eCommerce Platform in Singapore.



Any web developer can tell you that every other client asks them to develop a mobile-friendly version of their websites. If you are wondering why almost every client wants a mobile-friendly version of the webpages, then I have the answer. A report published by WARC in June 2020 showed that 51.29% of the total number of mobile users access the internet solely from mobile.  This surge is not spontaneous, it has actually been consistent around 50% since 2017.

Furthermore, focusing on such website development in Singapore is necessary, especially if you are looking to develop eCommerce website. iPhones, Blackberry, tablets, and desktop computers all have different sizes, resolutions, and systems. Just imagine, designing a separate version for every device will surely increase costs!  And this variety is going to increase even more in the coming years.  So what is the practical solution for this which is sustainable and compatible? Or do we have to bear the consequences for higher bounce rates due to the incompatible version of our websites? 

Don’t worry, there is already a reasonable option to manage your website for all devices. People working on Singapore website development are always looking for new and more effective solutions. Have you ever heard of the term “Responsive Web Design?” We are going to explain responsive web design and its working in this article. So, let’s dive in.


What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is an approach that is used to develop websites. This kind of approach was first used by Audi in 2001. It targeted adapting web pages according to the viewport. Later on, in 2010, the term Responsive Web Design was introduced by Ethan Marcotte in an article in A list Apart. He defines the term by flexible/fluid grids, flexible images, and media.

Now we will explain what responsive web design actually does. It enables web pages to adapt to the size of the device on which the webpage is being visited. That means if you are visiting a webpage on your phone, the contents and the layout of the webpage will change according to the size of your screen. The same applies to other devices. This may sound tricky and technical, so we have tried to explain it in quite a simple way in the next section.


How does Responsive Web Design work?

By the use of RWD, many who work on website development in Singapore help website owners and businesses to decrease their bounce rate due to incompatible versions of a site or page for any given device. This approach employs fluid grids for this purpose. Let’s have a look at what it is all about!


Fluid Grids

 We all know that fluid volume changes as the shape of their container changes. The same approach is applied in RWD. The working spaces on a website are in the form of elements. Any text, media(audio, video, image) or advertisements are the elements. The fluid grid approach means that the size of any element should not be an absolute number of pixels and points like old days. Rather, it should be set according to a relative value, like a percentage.

 Let me explain it with an example. If I set the element like 100% and I access the page on my mobile, it will be 100% according to my phone resolution and width and vice versa. If we talk about fluid images, that means placing images in the way that they remain within the containing elements no matter what device they are seen on.

Now we have understood what responsive web design is and how it has eased the website maintenance for a wide variety of devices. Our next agenda in this blog is to explain why you should apply a responsive web design during your website development in Singapore. 


How Responsive web design can help you develop a good eCommerce website

Do you remember you ordered the last pair of pajamas from an online store while lying in your bed? Let me guess, you ordered them while browsing that Singapore eCommerce platform on your phone. While scrolling two or three online stores, you probably passed over one store! And that was just because you were unable to look around on your phone. This is why responsive web design is vital to develop a Singapore eCommerce platform.

Any website cannot afford to lose its traffic just because of a non-interactive website layout. But, for the online store, it is more personal business! If an eCommerce platform in Singapore has a clumsy layout or landing page which doesn’t support different devices, it is more likely to lose its sales and even a prospective customer. When you go to a store, your perception of the store is influenced by the interior designing, discipline, and organization of the store. 

In an online environment, you don’t have a physical interaction with your prospects. The only factor that matters is your communication and your website’s layout. For an online store, their physical layout is their website through which they communicate and form relationships with their customer. No matter how much time you have spent on developing a perfect design of the website but ignored the responsiveness for different devices, you are going to lose. It is vital that you have a responsive web design in order to properly promote your brand to potential customers. Hence, not employing responsive web design to develop your very own eCommerce platform in Singapore can be no less than a disaster for you! 

Satisfying your customers

Have you ever heard of the quote by  Meghan Keaney Anderson? 

“Don’t push people to where you want to be; meet them where they are.”

In business, you can only be successful if you do things according to your buyer’s persona. Your Singapore eCommerce platform will be the first point of interaction between you and your customer, and if they stay on your page for a while, that clearly means your visitor is someone who is seriously intended to buy something. And you would never want to lose your that to be a customer only for the reason that your website failed to make him or her comfortable! 

Now, if you are thinking of starting an online store or you work on website development in Singapore and want to understand why responsive design is so important for traffic generation, you would have found the answer to your question.  A bonus tip from our side is that you can easily check if your eCommerce platform in Singapore is responsive to mobile devices by typing in ‘google mobile-friendly test’ in the google search bar! 

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