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Verz Design is a web development agency in Singapore. They have worked with companies such as Straitswalk Office Furnishing. Like Firstcom eCommerce & WLP Digital, they are a pre-approved PSG Grant vendor for eCommerce web design. We’ve gathered a few commonly asked FAQs about eCommerce website design. Some of these questions are about how a website can help in converting web traffic to customers and some about the significance and benefits of good website design. Verz Design eCommerce is one option to go about developing your eCommerce website with the PSG Grant. But you should always speak to more than one PSG eCommerce pre-approved vendor first. Gather more opinions before deciding on an agency.

What is your initial goal should be to create a website?

Nearly every business has a website. According to Wikipedia, there were 192,788 .sg domains registered as of August 2021[1] That’s a lot of domains! Companies clearly understand the importance of websites. But not everyone has the right goals. Some websites are to gather brand awareness whereas others are to drive traffic and conversions for the business. Your website design and framework will depend on your goals.

Why is having a website so important for every business?

Many people make the mistake of underestimating the importance of website design and failing to collaborate with a Singapore digital marketing agency. The first thing a visitor sees when visiting your website is the architecture, no matter how basic. According to a Stanford University study, the design of a company’s website accounts for 75% of its reputation[2] This assures that a decent design will help you gain market confidence and prestige. In short, a good website design is a long-term investment that will help you increase your sales and growth.

#1 Creating a reputation for oneself

It all comes down to brand design and communication. Web design works the same way as a beautiful packaging tells a lot about a product’s brand. A modern website design tells customers that the brand is classy and products are of high quality. On the other hand, a law firm might have a serious looking professional web design to convey a sense of professionalism.

Another way to demonstrate a high level of trust through your website is to own a domain. This is only for education companies in Singapore, such as a massage school or tertiary education company. Not everyone can register for a domain. For example, a tuition centre can’t apply for it.

#2 Increase your Google popularity

Whether you’re looking for a service or a product, you’ll almost certainly turn to Google. That’s exactly what everyone does. A prominent Google listing for a social networking page is not unusual. Because Google is mostly a website search engine. Furthermore, not being found on Google means you’ll miss out on possibilities that should have gone to you instead of your competition.

#3 Boost your productivity

In addition to becoming a full-fledged Verz design eCommerce gateway, a website may be developed to perform a number of jobs. If you operate a hair salon, for example, you may set up your website to make online appointments for your hairstylists at various times. In a restaurant, for example, allow table bookings. Service bookings with a payment option, on the other hand, will be treated. The options are unlimited for a web development firm in Singapore.

#4 Convert readers into paying customers

Most customers, according to Forrester, conduct their own online testing before selecting a provider. To persuade potential consumers, you clearly need a website and accompanying information. You may submit photographs, publish infographics, and case studies when you construct through Verz design eCommerce web development site with a content management system. Both of these things will help you turn visitors into paying customers.

Today’s business clients are more self-directed: 60% of them don’t use a salesperson as their major source of information. Sixty-eight percent prefer to conduct their own web research, and 62 percent believe they can currently develop selection criteria or establish a digital content provider list.

#5 Obtain leads, orders, and revenue

Any business may be successful. A web development platform for eCommerce has a significant influence on the bottom line of B2C enterprises that sell items. Additionally, using an eCommerce strategy decreases the amount of work and resources required to sell things. B2B organizations typically see improved income as a consequence of higher leads generated by their web forms. As a result, make it a point to include a clear Call to Action on your website.

#6 Minimal advertising costs

Offline marketing is significantly more expensive than online campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Google. That’s not everything. Advertisements on the internet provide a demonstrable return on investment. The website is at the center of every internet marketing plan. Build engaging landing pages in addition to ordinary web pages with the help of a web development firm in Singapore to capture leads and prospects.

#7 Exceptional return on investment

Starting a digital marketing company in Singapore is quite affordable. This is, by definition, arbitrary, and is determined by the monetary worth of the services or goods that inspire you to engage in a web development business in Singapore. Closing a few sales from website leads is usually enough to cover the cost of the website, especially for B2B companies. Websites may readily reach targeted audiences when paired with internet marketing and search engine optimization efforts. That is why businesses invest in website landing pages and SEO-friendly content on a regular basis.

Verz Design eCommerce Web Development Platform

When it comes to online businesses, a Verz design eCommerce web development platform is a must. A well-designed eCommerce website can boost your sales, strengthen your brand image, and offer you a range of new marketing opportunities. As online shopping becomes more popular in Singapore, the competition is fiercer than ever. But a great eCommerce solution can help you stand out from the crowd. With a full-featured content management system and a customised shopping cart, your business can attract more visitors and turn them into paying customers.

The benefits of a Verz design eCommerce web development platform are numerous. For starters, it offers a complete website redesign package to Singaporean companies. This service provides a fresh and user-friendly website design to entrepreneurs. With innovative designs and intuitive user interfaces, the company focuses on creating a channel that attracts clients. It also specializes in SEO-friendly website design and is a leading provider of Magento-based eCommerce solutions.


What does Verz Design eCommerce do?

Verz Design is a web design company in Singapore. While they provide digital marketing services, they specialise in web design[3]

Is Verz Design eCommerce only for building ecommerce websites?

Verz Design focuses primarily on eCommerce WordPress development but are also able to build custom-made websites.

What do their services cost?

This depends but their eCommerce web development services cost $10,000 SGD. This may be claimable under the PSG Grant.

To sum it up

As a leading Singapore web design firm, we strive to leave a real and long-lasting impression on our customers and workers. Verz Design eCommerce platform believes that in our website design and development processes, building a fair, logical, and professionally sound workflow best positions our clients and ourselves for success.

Our company was founded on basic beliefs and ethics, which contribute to this winning recipe. WLP Digital Solutions will help you improve your online presence because we are a full-service web development business in Singapore. For additional information, please visit our website.

Thomas LimThomas Lim
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I have to admit that working with WLP Digital Ecommerce team has been awesome. Information provided was accurate and responses are very fast. Direction of our F&B company digital marketing campaign are clear and highly result driven. Thank you for driving up our marketing and sales!
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WLP Digital has a great team that helped me develop my online website for my customers to purchase easily. I have also engage their social media marketing management which has tremendously increase my sales revenue. I like the professionalism of their digital consultant and my digital campaign manager has always provided me with quality data to allow me to plan my marketing strategy with them together. Keep up the great work!
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We were novices in term of website design but we were really fortunate to dealt with a professional digital solutions team @ WLP Digital.The project team handheld us through the whole process. They were earnest and prompt in answering all our queries and concerns, and always on hand to offer practical solutions that led to the successful launch of our corporate website. Keep up the great work ! ^^
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We had a great time working with the digital solutions team from the WLP Digital. Bryan is well equipped with the professional knowledge needed to clarify all our doubts. Furthermore, we can always obtain prompt responses from him where he is always patient when explaining to us.
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Would love to thank the website developer for their professional service in revamping our website. Our project manager's product knowledge is excellent and is able to offer us good advice on how to enhance our corporate website design and website product listings. She is also very accommodating to some of our technical requests which are out of the norm. Web development stays on schedule and WLP digital ultimately launch our website in a timely manner. Impressive by the web design work and flow!