What is SEM?

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, one must come up with the most effective ways to establish, promote a brand and grow business online. When you finished your eCommerce website development or creating your company’s website, you might be wondering how to promote them effectively. SEM is one of the most successful and efficient marketing strategies that a digital marketing company in Singapore would commonly use to promote websites.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a digital marketing strategy that is used over the Internet to enhance the visibility of a website through pay per click advertising.  It helps business organizations establish their products by increasing the visibility of their website in search engine results pages.

SEM has the power to deliver advertisements to people, and is guaranteed to be one of the most cost-effective tools to drive traffic to the website. 

The advertisers bid on keywords that potential customers might enter when looking for certain products or services. With over millions of businesses out there in the market all competing, it’s important to always be on the top list or search. 

To sell is to get attention from your target audience, and being able to capture interests to make people land on your page. That is when SEM comes into picture. SEM’s strength is to provide advertisers the opportunity to put their ads in front of their targeted and motivated customers who are most likely ready to purchase at that moment. 

What is the importance of SEM?

With many companies heavily relying on digital marketing strategies to promote their brand amidst this global crisis, SEM has become one of the most important and effective methods. Many digital marketing companies in Singapore in particular offer this strategy to their clients, and it is the first strategy to be used by those who had finished their eCommerce website development.

SEM plays an important role for business organizations to boost their visibility and get more potential clients, as there’s an increasing number of customers that do their shopping online during the quarantine period.

Study shows that SEM will allow your website to be ranked highly on the search engine results page, and will more likely to be viewed and visited by your target audience. As a result, they are more likely to buy your company’s product or services when they click on your ads. 

In order to reach a wide-range of customers and expand a customer base platform, SEM is the best way to go. It is not only for big corporations or businesses, but also beneficial to starting entrepreneurs, small scale businesses who recently completed their eCommerce website development.

After knowing the importance of SEM, here we will break down different techniques that can be fully utilised and implemented.

Search Engine Marketing Techniques

We will be going through various SEM techniques that are commonly used by digital marketing companies in Singapore. You are able to apply these strategies to your own website for instant results!

Creating more landing pages. 

Landing pages are very specific pages on your website that you want your target audience to see first.. They are designed to get visitors exactly what they want with the least amount of conflicting and confusing information. 

Study shows that people want to be directed to the information they seek quickly and efficiently. They don’t want to spend more time jumping from webpage to webpage searching for their desired content. A good strategy is to turn these visitors into leads. 

Landing pages are an integral part of generating leads. Landing pages are at the start of the sales funnel and help to move enquiries to prospective clients, and eventually happy repeat customers who love your product or service!

The greater the number of landing pages, the more exposure and opportunities you can open. The goal is to route them to your website and increase traffic rapidly.

Visually Appealing Website

The visual look of the website should be interesting and can capture a quick interest for possible customers. Human brains process visual context faster than plain text. It makes sense to provide a good visual effect as soon as a potential customer lands to a page or website. For example, infographics is one of the best and easiest ways to increase search. It attracts attention from a wide audience because they’re easy to read and usually fun.

User Friendly Website

Websites should be more interactive, responsive and mobile- friendly (study says that mobile users are most likely passionate shoppers). If you build a website that is user friendly, it is likely to get more engagements.

Incorporate text that will link or connect to other pages inside the article or content. When a link is used to direct the user or consumer to another related content, it opens up a whole new space to create a unique user experience. You can provide links to other useful webpages in your site so that your users can easily access them and learn more about your company and your products.

What is the Difference between SEM and SEO?

Often, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are being tagged the same. But there are many differences between these two digital marketing strategies. 

While SEM or Search Engine marketing, is a strategy that optimizes and advertises their website in order to appear on the higher results through pay per click (PPC), SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process to which you also increase visibility of the website but excluding purchase or paid placements. 

SEO is the process to which there is an involvement of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a website through organic search engine results. SEM marketing has a very high conversion rate relative to the amount of money you put in for the ads.

It is especially useful for new companies that have finished their eCommerce website development and want to make their website visible to their target audience. In SEO, website owners are only getting traffic from the free, organic and natural search results on search engines. 

SEM and SEO may have the same goal but the process is different. They can, however, go hand in hand to get good results in terms of website’s visibility. While SEO allows to optimize a website for a greater chance of appearing higher in search results, and online advertising allows people to send promotional content to the target clients. SEM combines both benefits. 

Although SEO takes longer to show results, in the end it will be less costly and you will establish a search credibility that you might not establish with PPC. However, there are specific occasions that SEM is the most applicable to use. When you completed your company’s eCommerce website development or are launching a brand new website and require immediate visibility, SEM makes more sense to use than SEO. 

When it comes to choosing and identifying the best strategy for online marketing whether SEM or SEO, it is important to determine the specific needs and fit the approach. 

The Bottomline

SEM and SEO are both effective when used and utilised accordingly. Benefits such as enhancing brand awareness and increasing targeted leads to get more customers and expand business. Search engine marketing in particular helps you to be on the top list and puts you directly in front of your targeted clients who are actively searching for what they want. 

There are many digital marketing companies in Singapore, and you would want to choose the best one to promote your business. WLP Digital Solutions is a highly reputable Digital Marketing Company in Singapore.

We offer SEO, SEM, and social media marketing in order to increase the visibility of your company to your target audience and generate more leads. In addition, we can even assist you in eCommerce web design Singapore and help you create a great online shopping experience for your customers. Contact us to see how we can help you grow your market share today!

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