What Is Facebook Marketing?

A business cannot flourish successfully unless you market your company. Today there are so many ways of putting on ads, and digital marketing is often the first point of contact between your customers and your company. One rising digital marketing trend is the increasing relevance of social media marketing in Singapore.

From social media, we mean Instagram, Facebook marketing, WhatsApp, etc. Many major brands draw in most of their customers from social media marketing, and this article will introduce to you the benefits of facebook marketing.

How does Facebook marketing work?

Facebook marketing is to endorse your product through ads on Facebook. One of the most common social media marketing in Singapore, these advertisements could be video, pictures, or written content.

Therefore, Facebook is providing a huge platform to market products. Companies can purchase online ads or make unpaid posts about their product to market them to all facebook users. In the beginning, Facebook was used just as a social platform for people to socialize, share, communicate, and connect with new friends. As its users increase, it has become a marketplace for companies to sell their products to potential customers. 

Benefits of Facebook marketing

Although there are a lot of other ways to do marketing like emails, other social media, SMS, search engines, etc, why will you choose Facebook marketing? This is because Facebook marketing is an incredibly efficient way of social media marketing in Singapore, and offers many benefits for your company such as:

Global coverage

Facebook gives you a gateway to advertising yourself worldwide through just one ad. Anyone who will visit Facebook could see your ad, it is estimated 1.5 billion Facebook users visit the site daily. 

Ad customization

You can limit your paid ads to your target audience of your product. You will be able to choose the gender, age, and location of the client, and Facebook will display your ad on their news feed. This will save you money, and also raise your brand awareness among potential clients.

Cross-channel marketing

You can combine your Facebook marketing with email, search engine, and mobile marketing. Moreover, your ad can also be marketed through Facebook messenger ads. This will help the brand to reach a huge audience, some of whom will become your customers.

Cost you less money

For new businesses, marketing is very important. But starting entrepreneurs may not have enough to spend on a website and its maintenance. In that case, Facebook marketing is a good place to start.

Creating a facebook page is completely free, and you can start with organic blog posts that need no money investment. As you gain more viewers on your page, you can then slowly start to build a community and engage your potential clients, which increases the likelihood of them buying your product.

Share your business-related information

When a company makes its Facebook page, they can add information regarding their company, such as the history of the company, the kind of product they are selling, and the purpose of the business.

All this information will help to build the profile and reputation of your company, and not only can you establish trust between yourself and your customers, you may even be able to reach out to other companies to form a partnership.

Interactive way of marketing

Interaction with the audience is very important to keep your company’s name alive and on everyone’s lips. With daily posts such as a video, image, or some content you can keep your audience busy engaging with your brand.

While it might be difficult to personalize your company website because it should be kept strictly professional, it is different on social media. Customers would prefer your company to show a more human side, and you can post personal recommendations or your thoughts to communicate with your audience.

Easy for customers to contact you

Customers who discovered your company via Facebook will be able to easily reach your company under your Facebook page’s profile. They would not have to leave the app in order to search up your company on google, making it much more convenient for them. Facebook has a built-in messaging function as well for those who are phone-shy or just have a quick query. 

Increase website traffic

Facebook marketing helps to bring traffic to the company’s website. The Facebook page which you will create for as a company advertisement should contain a URL to your website. You can also provide a link to your website’s articles on your Facebook page. This way, readers will visit the website to read the whole article. Your customers will be able to get basic information about the product from the Facebook page and thus visit your website for more information or purchasing.

Like and sharing on Facebook raise awareness

Users who like and share your posts will get updates and notifications regarding your business. This means that their facebook friends will also be able to see the company’s posts. Therefore, it helps to spread awareness and attract people to the company website.

Methods of Facebook marketing


Photo advertisements include photos related to your business and products. It gives a clear image of your services, and the accompanying written content will help to describe and promote your products.


In a video advert, you can use sound, music, or motion pictures. It could be short or long depending on the subject you are displaying. Your video should be focused on delivering content in an interesting way, so that your customers will be hooked and want to watch the next video on your playlist. Here’s a tip: make sure your videos are not too long, so that viewers can easily remember the images and content they just saw!


Facebook messenger makes communication between you and your customer easy. This way, they can put forward queries at the instance they see the ad, and you can answer them immediately. Hence, you can give personal attention to the customers. You also can add some automated and interactive features to the chat to make it easier for you to manage customer chats.


In this type of advertisement, you can add up to ten videos or images together in one ad. Moreover, with each video, you can add its link. 


Slideshow helps to display ads in video form with motion. Therefore, you can add text to explain the images. And, could attract the interest of users by adding sound effects. It also can be easily played on any device and internet speed. 


Collection ads consist of details of products with images. Users can easily browse, discover, and buy the product with just one tap. It loads quickly without taking up too much of the users’ time.

What is a Social Media Agency in Singapore?

Sometimes you just don’t have enough time and manpower to set up your company’s facebook page, and are unsure of how to utilize facebook ads effectively. In that case, you might want to consider hiring a social media agency in Singapore to help you manage your company’s social media effectively.

A social media agency in Singapore focuses on growing your audience via social media platforms, and are not limited to just facebook marketing. They are also great at improving the breadth of your outreach on instagram and youtube.

It is not only important to set up your own facebook page, but you will need to constantly upload new content and engage with your customers to remain relevant and fresh.

A good social media agency in Singapore will be able to assist you in managing all of your company’s social media accounts, and advise you on the most strategic ways to keep your audience engaged. Engaging a social media agency in Singapore is best recommended for starting entrepreneurs, or companies who want a more extensive coverage and management of their social media networks.

In Summary

If you are an entrepreneur ready to bring your product to the rest of the world, then social media marketing in Singapore is the way to go. In particular, Facebook marketing is the easiest and cheaper way of advertisement that your company can do.

While it is recommended for companies inexperienced in social media marketing to engage in a digital marketing company in Singapore, it is good to have some technical knowledge on how facebook marketing works for you to get the most out of it. 

If you need assistance in improving your company’s social media marketing in Singapore, do contact us today to see how we can help you! Digital solutions are a highly reputable social media agency in Singapore, and are trusted by over 180 clients.

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