What does a digital marketing agency in Singapore do?

What does a digital marketing agency in Singapore do?

The rise of digital marketing has been imminent. This is seen in many ways, such as the popularity of the internet, the failings of traditional marketing, and even the decline of classical mediums like newspapers, television, billboards, and other print media. Gone are the days of Don Draper-esque style of marketing and advertising, instead shifting unto newer and innovative ways of manipulating the internet for more brand exposure and generating more leads.

Yet, what makes digital marketing vastly more different than traditional marketing? Digital marketing emphasizes a data-driven approach; it is a system that measures tangible aspects related to key performance indicators, and return on investment. Rather than the “play by the numbers” type of strategy traditional marketing employed, digital marketing is a precise tactic that targets a specific audience, which is important and easy to achieve given the amount of information one can get from online devices. 

In this article, we will look into how digital marketing in Singapore has become more prevalent over time, and how a digital marketing agency in Singapore works. We will also be going through the various roles of a digital marketing consultant in Singapore, and how they can help you grow your brand.


How digital marketing in Singapore has grown over time

In recent years, Singapore garnered an average of 3.3 digital devices owned per Singaporean citizen, which with a 5.639 million population, is really quite a feat, given that the population is smaller than most of its regional neighbors. It is important to note that 88% of this 5.639 million population are internet users, with an average time of 7 hours spent on the internet, which makes digital marketing enticing to many companies in Singapore, given that there are many channels that marketing can get into, examples being social media, search engines, and even e-commerce or shopping sites.

To further add unto this aspect, this 88% population of Singapore can be converted into specific demographics, which could be analyzed for potential leads for long term sales growth, and contribute positively even for user retention, as through data-driven practices, it is possible for digital marketing agencies to align your unique selling point towards the target audience. This further shows that unlike traditional marketing, digital practices are able to evaluate your online presence, determine which sales channels, social media, or other platforms to invest upon, and continually refine your digital marketing campaigns in order to provide the best results.

Yet, there are more than 1000 different agencies in Singapore, which begs the question: What differentiates every digital marketing agency in Singapore? 


Types of digital marketing agencies in Singapore

With the paradigm shift to digital marketing and exponential technological changes, it has increasingly become harder for marketers to employ every type of marketing service, which is why a digital marketing agency in Singapore can fulfill many different marketing roles. Each digital marketing consultant in Singapore within the same agency can specialize in different fields.

For example, creative agencies can help create the aesthetic or theme of your brand, producing valuable content like company logos, website designs, transformation of copywriting, and even advertising video materials. There also are website development agencies, which collaborate with a creative marketing agency to bring your website design into life through code, and developing your website with an appealing user interface. This is highly integral in terms of marketing for it allows your website to retain visitors and increase conversion rate.

In addition, there are also online presence-focused departments. SEO marketing agencies in Singapore would primarily target all website related content in order to make it appear on the 1st page of specific search engines, such as Google and Bing. Some agencies also specialize in brand strategy design, where they track and improve your brand’s online reputation and visibility. 

Another would be PR or content marketing agencies, which aim to place content online using social media marketing such as press release websites, company social media, and other digital publications. In addition, there is the direct response agency, which, rather than focusing on generating metrics like clicks and likes on a specific piece of content, deals with limiting the sales funnel in order to turnover sales consistently.

Finally, there are the marketing automation agencies, which turns daily functions such as customer support, social media interaction, and posting of content into technology driven tasks. An example of this would be the automated Facebook Messenger bots for dealing with customer concerns, softwares that deals with automatic scheduling of created content, and even just plain mass emails to a customer list.


How can a digital marketing consultant in Singapore help your company?

As there are many different agencies one can choose to employ, there arise some problems in deciding which digital marketing consultant in Singapore you should go with. Choosing a good digital marketing consultant in Singapore is very important, as they act as a link between your company and your desired customers. They can utilize a specific marketing campaign or strategy most suited for your brand in order to sell your products, services, and to advise or show the best practices for ease of decision making.

Many responsibilities of a digital marketing consultant in Singapore also include innovating current practices of the organization in order to design more engagement with potential consumers, improvements in online presence through SEO or web development, and management of social media branding in order to maintain impressions with current clients. In addition, as part of a digital marketing agency in Singapore, they have access to many different resources such as advanced data analysis software that can help your company interpret your sales and customer data. 


In Summary:

The existence of the internet, and with it, websites, social media, and ecommerce platforms, changed the perspective of how companies in Singapore interact with marketing. Amidst this digital age, all companies must reconsider their marketing strategy and make an effort to digitize their business. It would be highly advantageous for companies, especially SMEs, to engage a digital marketing company Singapore to promote your brand online. This will not only give you a competitive edge, but also allow you to interact with and satisfy your customers better.

If you require any assistance regarding digitizing your company or growing your brand’s online presence, contact us today to see how we can help you develop your own digital marketing campaign.