Top 5 e-commerce web design platforms to use

eCommerce is basically about firms and individuals selling and purchasing their goods through the internet. Singapore has one of the best eCommerce payment infrastructure and revenue in the eCommerce industry is projected to reach 2 million USD in 2020. This shows the huge value that good eCommerce web design in Singapore can add to your company, and now is the best time for your company to think of starting a eCommerce website.

There are many eCommerce Website Designing platforms where you can easily design your website for your eCommerce use. It is important to pick a platform that you can easily understand and take to, so that the process of eCommerce website designing would be much easier for you.

Not only is the main design of your website important, but you will also need to constantly update and upgrade your website as well. In this article, we will discuss 5 of the best eCommerce Web Design platforms, and their various advantages and disadvantages.


Shopify is one of the most common eCommerce Website Designing platforms. You can make a website for your eCommerce usage, and also can manage your orders and inventory.

There are many different features in Shopify that allow you to customise your shop. You can drag and drop the product pages, images will be automatically optimized, and if you want some other extra features then you can purchase it from the shopify app store. 

Shopify also allows you to track the performance data of your online store. It also contains a drop shipping concept, which means that the customer will order his/her desired product on the online store and then the company will deliver the product on the customer’s doorstep.

Its efficient store management and professional Storefront themes make it a popular choice for entrepreneurs starting their eCommerce website designing process. 


       Bigcommerce is a privately owned technology firm offering a website for SaaS ecommerce. Established in 2009, the organization has over 600 employees based in Austin, Texas. Its services include customer groups and fractionation, search engine optimization (SEO), web hosting, and more.

Its main services include:

  • A robustSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) features in the app, and completely customizable URLs.
  • Web-designer in non-copyrighted languages with free user-friendly web themes. 
  • An extensive marketplace full of pre-constructed integrations with the best-in-class service providers.

It also offers cross-channel commerce across online marketplaces such as amazon and ebay, as well as social commerce with facebook and instagram integrations. BigCommerce is more industry specific and appropriate for B2B eCommerce website designing purposes. 


Squarespace is another great platform on which you can make your online store. It provides easy methods and tools where you can easily set up your online shop and can run it successfully and easily. There are many customized templates available, and they are optimized for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

By using this eCommerce web design platform, you can also get some features like automatic calculations of the shipping rate, personalized discount rules etc. Another feature is that you can also track the orders which are outstanding. You can also get a summary of your client’s additional details, average purchasing power and other metrics. 

However, squarespace is a website builder, which means it is not specialized for eCommerce. It also does not have an app store, which means that the only features available will be the built-in features that come with the website. You will be able to get the most out of Squarespace if you have some technical knowledge of coding languages such as JavaScript and CSS.


Woocommerce is an open-source ecommerce platform, a plugin used in conjunction with WordPress. This is most commonly utilized by entrepreneurs and hobbyists, bloggers moving into eCommerce web design in Singapore, and companies utilizing developers most comfortable with WordPress.

This platform is suitable for companies who already have a wordpress website and want to set up their eCommerce shop on their existing website.

Some advantages of using WooCommerce Store Social are that selling is integrated into your wordpress website, synchronizing of multichannel sales is free, and there are lots of innovative design options. However, many functions require extensions which are charged, and there is little to no support provided.


Volusion was established by Kevin Sproles and has been in business since 1999. Volusion offers an eCommerce platform completely based on the cloud. It is mainly used by business owners who wish to use its high performing eCommerce analysis tools, or want to add many product options and variants.

Volusion has recently updated to ‘V2,’ a new operating system that has brought some improvements to UX (User Experience). Firstly, it has a much simpler backlog system so managing your stock is very easy. And it offers plenty of useful data, analytics tools, and payment options, and a mobile app for you to manage your website on your phone.

The disadvantages of Volusion include the inability to sell digital products, no blogging function, and that SSL certificates cost extra. The scope of companies who can use Volusion are small, because if you are trying to sell e-books, music, or digital art, you will not be able to use Volusion.

eCommerce in Singapore

Most people in Singapore are connected to the internet; in fact it has the second highest rate of internet penetration in Southeast Asia and more than 80% of the population have access to the internet.

Therefore, the potential of the eCommerce industry here is huge, and most companies should capitalize on this and create an eCommerce platform Singapore. A good eCommerce web design in Singapore can bring in new customers and improve your sales revenue.

Here’s a tip when you are in the process of eCommerce web designing: pay attention to the copywriting on your eCommerce website! Copywriting refers to any text or written material that you produce for an online store.

Headlines, category pages, product descriptions, promo offers, landing pages – all these are places where your writing skills can help bring more sales. The aim of eCommerce copywriting is to clearly explain the benefits of your products while also helping your online store to rank better on the Search Engine. This is an integral part of your eCommerce website development process.

In summary

The eCommerce industry in Singapore is thriving, and there is no reason for you to not get in on the action.

A good eCommerce web design in Singapore can offer you many benefits for your company, and there are many good web design platforms for you to use. It is important that you choose one that is easy to understand, require minimum effort to maintain, and can offer you good analysis tools to track your eCommerce website performance.

While some companies do their eCommerce web design in Singapore in house, many small businesses or entrepreneurs may lack the technical expertise to set up their eCommerce website, hence they choose to outsource it to an agency specializing in eCommerce web design Singapore to take over their website and online shop development. We are a digital marketing company in Singapore.

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