Social Media Marketing versus Search Engine Marketing

In this modern world of the internet, where everything is digitalized, new trends are emerging.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more work is being digitized, and digital marketing is gaining much importance, especially among young entrepreneurs such as writers, designers, freelancers, graphic designers, and web designers. 

By using digital marketing strategies, small businesses gain a lot of new customers and increase their businesses by using digital platforms with techniques such as social media and search engine marketing. It has proven to be highly effective for many companies, hence entrepreneurs are investing more money in digital marketing such as search engine marketing and social media marketing in Singapore.

More companies are also hiring a digital marketing company in Singapore to set up and maintain their websites and social media.

In this article, we will cover the differences between Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing. These are the 2 most common methods used by Digital Marketing Consultants in Singapore to boost their clients’ online presence.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing in Singapore is one of the powerful tools in increasing business by using social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It helps the entrepreneurs to interact with customers, expand the business, increase product sales and helps in increasing website traffic.

It involves creating fantastic content and publishing it on social media platforms, publishing advertisements on social media platforms, and analyzing your results. This can be done with sufficient effort on your own, or with the assistance of a social media marketing agency Singapore.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is a method of advertising business through paid advertisements like google ads. These refer to paid advertisements for websites that appear on top of google’s results page with a small ‘ad’ tag. 

These advertisements are based on keywords, so when the user enters those keywords on the search engine, the ad will appear on the top of the search results page. This way, the ad will appear to your targeted audience, which can help generate many new leads for your business.

For example, as a digital marketing company in Singapore, you would want your website to rank highly for certain keywords such as “digital marketing consultant”. Hence, you would purchase the google ad for this set of keywords and other related ones, such as “social media marketing in Singapore” and “digital marketing company in Singapore”.

Therefore, you will more likely attract the attention of someone who is looking for such services and could be a potential client. Since your website is on the top of the results page, your website will be the first one they see.

When is social media marketing better than search engine marketing?

Recommendation of products and services

On social media platforms, people commonly discuss and share their interests with their friends. If they see your product page and think it is good, they will share the post among their social circle, by using hashtags or mentioning their friends and family members. This will create awareness about the product, and your product is shown to hundreds if not thousands of people for free.

And more often than not, friends usually have common interests, hence you will be able to successfully reach out to a bigger pool of target audience.

In Singapore, where 79% of the population are avid social media users, this method might be even more effective. Engaging in Social Media Marketing in Singapore means that more than 4 million Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube users will be able to view and interact with your company and products.

Respond to queries in time 

It is easy to respond to criticism, complaints, and queries through social media platforms in time. It satisfies buyers when your company can answer their queries quickly.

By clearing up any misunderstandings and satisfying the inquiries of your buyer, shows your company’s professionalism and will improve your reputation.

Searching social media profile for customer satisfaction

Many potential customers want to know genuine reviews of your product, hence they are likely to check your company’s social media profile for user feedback.

From there, they will be reassured from real-life users’ reviews that your product is genuine and effective, and this improves the probability that they will buy your product. 

When is search engine marketing better than social media marketing?

Searching for brand or service 

When we want to engage a service, we search for that service on the search engine by searching keywords related to the service. Users will normally click on the first few websites they see, and if you have engaged in search engine marketing, your company’s ad could be the first.

While you might wonder whether it is expensive to place an ad on google’s front page, worry not because if you hire digital marketing consultants in Singapore to do the ad bidding for you, you will be able to get the most bang for your buck.

These consultants are familiar with the strategy of buying the most cost-effective ads for your company so that the quality of your marketing campaign is not compromised. Plus, users who see your ad are highly likely to be your target audience, hence resulting leads generated are guaranteed to be useful for your company.

Increasing traffic to the website

Since your website will be prominently displayed on google’s front page, it is almost guaranteed that viewers will click on your website. This provides your company with more leads, and amongst these viewers may be potential clients.

With the right budget and strategy, even small businesses will be able to get their website to the front page of a search results page. Digital marketing consultants in Singapore are the best people to hire if you are unsure of the industry techniques used to improve your website search rankings.

So, which one is better?

The truth is both of them are equally important as they play very different roles in marketing. It can be seen that both search engine marketing and social media marketing are interlinked, and we cannot say to invest in only one.

It is suggested that investing in both marketing strategies is essential. The goal of both methods is to drive users to your product website to purchase your product and service, and both techniques will greatly increase your website’s traffic. It also offsets any potential mishaps that one strategy might cause. For example, if your search engine marketing decreases in effectiveness suddenly, at least your social media marketing strategy is still in place to alleviate the decrease in traffic.

Why should you hire a Digital Marketing Company in Singapore?

For your company to implement both marketing strategies well, you will likely need the help of a Digital Marketing Company in Singapore.

These companies have some of the best Digital Marketing Consultants in Singapore, and they will be able to help you maintain and improve your digital marketing strategies. Social media marketing in Singapore is the most prevalent form of marketing strategy, yet they are one of the hardest to maintain.

Most companies opt to use a consultant who has the inside knowledge and understanding of digital marketing, and how to get the best results possible with minimal effort.

We would highly recommend entrepreneurs or anyone seeking to expand their products onto the online market to engage in a digital marketing company in Singapore.

WLP Digital Solutions has some of the best digital marketing consultants in Singapore, and we will be able to help you transform your business digitally. Contact us today to see how we can support you in growing your business! 

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