Social Media Management Tool – Buffer Publish

What is it?

Buffer is now known as Buffer Publish and its initial release was 2010. It is a tool for both the web and mobile to manage social media. Some of the platforms that can be linked to Buffer Publish are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest et cetera.

It is also one of the longest running management tools targeted to do scheduled social media postings. 

Functions and Features

The most basic feature of Buffer Publish would be enabling users to schedule their social media platform postings. By default, Buffer Publish sets four individual slots for users when they first connect. These four slots are meant for postings in the morning, afternoon, late afternoon and evening time. Users can choose to add on or remove any of the slots based on the number of postings they would want to do. 

In order to ensure that users can use the tool easily through web browsers, Buffer Publish is enabled on multiple browser extensions such as Chrome, Safari, Opera and even Firefox. A Buffer icon will appear on the browser’s menu bar where users can simply clip and store images or text that they are currently viewing on their screen.

Also with multiple web browsers available, users can have a wider range of selection to implement the management tool. Buffer Publish is also available on both IOS and Android. 

Besides scheduling the posts, the software also provides analysis on the postings such as the impressions or clicks obtained if there were links included. The software also provides insights on the number of comments, like and share.

Through Buffer Publish, users can also pay for the ‘Pro and Business’ edition where the software helps them to track and do reposting on some of the more popular and trending postings from before. Buffer’s business plan also includes graph analysis on posting engagements to show the stats according to the timeframe that you set. 

Buffer has a very neat and organized dashboard that lists down all the postings in chronological order from the most recent one. It is also user friendly where users can easily drag and drop a post to change the queue sequence. Users that wish to export the huge data will be able to do so by simply shifting them into an excel spreadsheet. The software is also partnered with numerous popular applications such as Microsoft, WordPress, Pocket and Zapier et cetera. 

One important advantage of using Buffer Publish is that the software helps users to find the best timing to do a posting and has the function of automatically timing the post to get the greatest amount of engagement.


Buffer offers zero charge but comes with limited features and functions. However, if you are using the software as an individual, it might be the best option for you where basic scheduling and posting analysis are sufficient for usage. For users that are working in a small business team, features and functions that require multi-users will be up for a small price for the Pro Plan or the Small Business Plan.  

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