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Firstcom is an eCommerce website development agency in Singapore. Firstcom has designed eCommerce websites for a number of businesses in Singapore. But is Firstcom the right choice for your business?

According to BigCommerce, 75% of people make an online purchase at least once a month[1] This means that millions of products are getting sold every month and that the eCommerce industry is growing at a rapid speed. Getting an a Firstcom eCommerce website platform developed by Firstcom may be your first thought. But there are a lot of web design agencies in Singapore (such as WLP Digital).

So give us a chance before going with Firstcom. After all, we’re a pre-approved PSG Grant vendor too! Below are some FAQs that we get from business owners that want to develop and launch an eCommerce website.

#1 Why there’s a need to make an eCommerce marketing strategy?

Having an eCommerce website doesn’t mean that you’ll get sales immediately. An eCommerce website is just a platform for people to view your products, add them to cart and pay for them. Like a retail shop, you still need a promotion strategy. You need to find out how to drive traffic to your website, how to optimise your page for conversions and how to get reviews.

For example, you can use Tiktok to share your products and then send fans to your website. According to Hootsuite, nearly 50% of users are between the age 10 to 29 years old[2] This means that you should only use Tiktok if you’re looking to sell a product for a young audience. You shouldn’t have Tiktok as your main marketing strategy if you’re a funeral home company.

At WLP Dgital, our web developers won’t just talk about the technical details or programming languages. We’ll talk to you about what you want out of your eCommerce store. We’ll ask you why you think your business needs an eCommerce website and find out how we can take advantage of your existing connections and marketing channels to promote your website.

#2 Why do you need to purchase a domain name?

A domain name is what separates web design freelancing services on the internet. Choose a domain name that correctly portrays your business once you’ve specified the items you’ll be offering on your website. On the internet, a good name has a strong possibility of becoming well-known. If your domain name is short, easy to remember, spell, descriptive, and memorable, customers are more likely to visit your shop. Domain names can be purchased via domain registrars or hosting providers. An eCommerce web development company like Firstcom can register the domain for you. But we’d recommend to create your own account with a domain registrar like Namecheap. That way, you won’t be tied to the web design agency or Firstcom.

#3 Why do you need to select a reputable web hosting provider?

In order to be available through the internet, both web design freelancer platforms must be placed on a server someplace. The entire performance of Firstcom eCommerce website development systems on the internet is influenced by server configurations.

The speed, uptime, and dependability of a website are all affected by the way it is hosted. It’s vital that you select the ideal host for your freelance web design services. An online business should be able to accommodate a high volume of traffic while being steady in operation.

Uptime and speed of a website are significant aspects in getting a high search engine rating, according to Google. Choose a web host that provides room for expansion and flexibility. Domain registration and website building software are also available from certain web hosting firms.

#4 Why it should be the greatest online store?

The building of a Firstcom eCommerce website development portal is the foundation of any eCommerce website. It is impossible to overestimate the significance of choosing the greatest eCommerce site. It might be difficult to choose the correct Firstcom eCommerce platform, but it is the most important phase and should not be overlooked. Examining the platforms of the greatest Firstcom eCommerce websites in the region where you want to start yours is a great approach to choose the one that is ideal for you.

Choose an eCommerce platform that best meets your company’s demands, as later conversions can be expensive and time-consuming. Several merchants provide shopping cart software and other eCommerce services in order to give you the most up-to-date eCommerce solutions.

All shopping features – carts, payment choices, website performance rates, usability, and more – are present on the finest eCommerce sites. They can be bought as part of a package that includes everything from hosting to security certificates, or individually and incorporated into Firstcom eCommerce website plugins.

#5 Why do you have to make sure you’ve got a trustworthy stamp?

To guarantee a secure transaction, a security certificate (SSL) safeguards the relationship between a visitor’s web browser and the website’s web server. Your eCommerce solution supplier will most likely manage security if you choose a bundled pre-packaged Firstcom eCommerce solution. If this is not the case, in addition to the domain name, a secure certificate (SSL) will be granted.

Stable certificates are provided by SSL certificate providers such as Symantec. Additionally, some hosting companies will administer your SSL certificate for you and charge you a fee.

#6 Create a user-friendly eCommerce website.

Let’s begin the process of creating a website. Your website’s appearance of your items and services will influence whether or not you construct an eCommerce website. It can’t afford to look cluttered. Create a website that depicts the merchandise appropriately. If the objects are presented wrongly, you will lose money.

If your website is difficult to access, you may lose key consumers. Maintain brevity and elegance, and make it simple to use. Also, make the website mobile-friendly.

#7 Select from a variety of online payment options.

Before you can fund your account, you must first get an internet merchant account (IMA), which requires you to accept online payments. There are several banks that will help you set up an IMA. Almost every online merchant allows a variety of payment options.

A lot of Singaporean banks like DBS has started to offer businesses an option to create a QR code, which users can then scan and pay via PayNow[3] But this might not be available on all eCommerce platforms since this is a new feature and a lot of eCommerce platforms hasn’t adapted to this change yet.

Lastly, credit cards remain the most convenient and comfortable options. This is despite the popularity of electronic payment gateways such as PayPal and Google Checkout. Firstcom has helped businesses to integrate PayPal & credit card seamlessly. At WLP Digital, we can do that too and connect your eCommerce store with any payment method including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Now is the best moment to start working on your eCommerce website

It might be challenging to create an eCommerce website. Now that you’ve studied the finest web design ideas for constructing eCommerce websites, you’ll have everything you need to establish a visually attractive platform. WLP Digital will assist you in increasing the number of visitors to your website. We provide a diverse range of web design freelancing services. For additional information, visit our website.

Thomas LimThomas Lim
04:54 29 Jan 22
I have to admit that working with WLP Digital Ecommerce team has been awesome. Information provided was accurate and responses are very fast. Direction of our F&B company digital marketing campaign are clear and highly result driven. Thank you for driving up our marketing and sales!
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WLP Digital has a great team that helped me develop my online website for my customers to purchase easily. I have also engage their social media marketing management which has tremendously increase my sales revenue. I like the professionalism of their digital consultant and my digital campaign manager has always provided me with quality data to allow me to plan my marketing strategy with them together. Keep up the great work!
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We were novices in term of website design but we were really fortunate to dealt with a professional digital solutions team @ WLP Digital.The project team handheld us through the whole process. They were earnest and prompt in answering all our queries and concerns, and always on hand to offer practical solutions that led to the successful launch of our corporate website. Keep up the great work ! ^^
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We had a great time working with the digital solutions team from the WLP Digital. Bryan is well equipped with the professional knowledge needed to clarify all our doubts. Furthermore, we can always obtain prompt responses from him where he is always patient when explaining to us.
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09:45 17 Nov 21
Would love to thank the website developer for their professional service in revamping our website. Our project manager's product knowledge is excellent and is able to offer us good advice on how to enhance our corporate website design and website product listings. She is also very accommodating to some of our technical requests which are out of the norm. Web development stays on schedule and WLP digital ultimately launch our website in a timely manner. Impressive by the web design work and flow!