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Secret To eCommerce Are Product Photos

A successful website is one that can attract more customers and increase your sales.

There are many factors that can make a website successful. One of those is how you present your product to your clients. That is why eCommerce photography services are in such high demand.

Anyone can set up a shop on Shopify. But you can’t take professional photos of your product using your iPhone. You need a good camera, great lighting, an expensive (white background) set-up and lots of experience. Most people don’t have any of these four things.

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What are the types of product photography?

Different kinds of goods and services require different kinds of eCommerce photography services. That is to ensure that the product photography techniques applied to these products can capture their use and attract more customers. For example, you won’t need a white background if you’re doing an outdoor photoshoot of a tennis racket. But you will need a studio and equipment for an in-studio photoshoot of a cap.

Different types of eCommerce photography services ensure that products can be well presented to the clients. Here are the different types of product photography that businesses engaged in today.

What is studio photography?

What You Need To Know About Studio Photography

The most simple type of eCommerce photography services offered by any service provider in Singapore is studio photography. This is usually done with a white background and simple lightning to show the shape and features of the product. Think about any popular product listing on Amazon. Chances are, they’re probably done by a professional if they have a white background and are touched up to the point that the lighting seems amazingly unreal.

For example, a coloured water bottle can be shot in contrast to a white background. This type of photography can clearly show the shape of the product and its colour. It would allow the client to visualise the product once it is held physically.

Aside from the simplicity of studio photography, it allows professionals to have control over external factors. This can also include a “lay-down” method or the way a professional stages products to be captured. Studio photography gives the professional control over how they want to present the goods and services on the eCommerce website.

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What is lifestyle action photography and product grouping?

Lifestyle Action Photography

As mentioned, one of the few challenges of eCommerce transactions is the lack of physical interaction between the products and their customers. Lifestyle action photography can help your visitors and clients see how they can use your products on a real-life basis.

This type of eCommerce photography Singapore photoshoot will usually involve products that are used outdoors. These products are those that are usually used in sports and other outdoor activities such as a car. This gives the customer an idea of how to use that product in a specific setting.

Product Grouping

Product grouping is an important marketing technique as it shows your customers that you have much to offer. This type of technique is the placement of one kind of item in different specifications. For example, a shot can have the product being held by different hands. The same kind of sweater in different colours. Customers would usually feel more attracted and inclined to purchase if there are many options.

This is especially so in the age of globalisation where people want to buy products worn by models that look like them. This applies to something as simple as an iPhone case where people want to see the phone held by people with their skin tone.

What is scaling in eCommerce photography?

Scaling in eComerce photography

When you are offering goods and services online, one of the challenges is how to perfectly present your products. The act of being able to physically see and feel the products is different from an online experience. Colours, shapes and sizes may not be visualised correctly.

Scaling allows your customers to estimate the size of your products. This is done by putting your product in contrast to an object which has a more well-known size to the general public. This type of eCommerce photography Singapore job can help your clients visualise how the product might work for them.

What is non-traditional products photography?

Nontraditional product photography doesn’t necessarily include products for sale. This type of eCommerce photography services is usually selling the idea. It can be the selling of the feeling of comfort and being free of worry after purchasing life insurance. A photography session that includes gifts and people under a Christmas tree can actually be an advertisement for gift wrapping paper. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the products are the gifts or Christmas.

These kinds of eCommerce photography Singapore services are important as they help the businesses tickle the mind of their clients. This way customers can be more engaged and inclined to purchase the products.

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What are the benefits of eCommerce photography services?

Benefits Of eCommerce Photography Services

The eCommerce photography Singapore services are considered to be an effective marketing tool. It helps increase the sales and profits of a business. Aside from that, there are other benefits of eCommerce photography.

It builds a consistent branding

Branding is an important part of marketing as this helps you make a name for your customers. The eCommerce photography services can help you effectively shape your brand and embed the type of goods that you are offering.

A consistent in good branding can almost always turn your first-time buyers into lifetime customers as they are accustomed to the band that you are providing. Through an attractive business name logo, and product photos you can have consistent branding that will help you go a long way when it comes to marketing.

It sets the right expectation

A good eCommerce photography Singapore session can also help you set the right expectation when it comes to the products you are selling. This can help you avoid customer dissatisfaction and returned items.

As mentioned above, good product photography can help your clients visualise real products. This way they can make a smart purchasing decision.

It can contribute to search engine optimisation

Optimised images can also help with your store’s search engine optimisation. SEO can help your website ground high in search engines. This way your website can attract more customers and have high conversion rates.

What does your eCommerce Photography Services include?

Our services include everything from the consultation to the actual eCommerce photography photoshoot to the editing process. We will present the final images and make any touch-ups or edits afterwards.

Do you offer photography for both online and offline stores?

Yes we do! The eCommerce product photography process is the same for both online and offline stores. The key difference is that we can have the photoshoot in your shop (if that’s more convenient). Most online stores prefer to have the photoshoot in our offices due to the lack of office space.

Can I use your photography services for commercial purposes?

Yes! We offer commercial photography services as well. Contact us for more information.

Can we do an outdoor photoshoot?

This would really depend on the type of photos you’re looking for your eCommerce stores but we can definitely do an outdoor photoshoot as well.

How do I know which type of eCommerce photography service to choose?

Ultimately, this depends on your marketing strategy. Are you trying to sell the concept of gifting your family with a car for Christmas? Are you trying to showcase your product in people of different ethnicities and sizes? We usually recommend either an outdoor or in-studio professional photoshoot but this is completely up to you.

Will you help to find the models?

While we aren’t a modelling agency, we can help with finding the right model for your product. Alternatively, we can recommend a modelling agency that our clients have worked in the past with.

How expensive is an eCommerce photography photoshoot?

This depends on the type of eCommerce photography service and how difficult it is for our photographers to capture the right shots. For example, it’s much more difficult to take photos of a moving car compared to a stationary product like a pair of gloves on the table. Contact us to schedule a meeting with our photographers!

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f you want professionally taken photos for your products then you are in the right place.

WLP Digital provides high-quality eCommerce photography services.

Alternatively, another great way to showcase your product is through a marketing video. After all, the only thing better than a photo is a fun-to-watch video.

Contact us at +65 6797 9149 today to know more details about product photography.

How An eCommerce Photoshoot Usually Goes

The first step in eCommerce product photography is to select a shooting table. The size of the table depends on the size of the product to be photographed. Generally, a standard folding table with a width of 24 to 27 inches is appropriate. If the product is small, you can use a chair with a sweeping motion, or a roll of craft paper. In the case of food products, it is best to hire a professional food photographer.

The context of the image is important. For example, a lifestyle photo is ideal to show how the item looks in context. Moreover, a lifestyle photograph shows the actual dimensions of the product. A combination of lifestyle shots and clean-cut product images is a winning combination for eCommerce stores. While taking a photo of a particular product, it is best to opt for natural light. This will make it more attractive to customers.

Before starting the eCommerce product photoshoot, it is best to discuss the product’s specifications. The photographer must have sufficient experience with this type of eCommerce photography.

The lighting used should also be adequate for the product. A quality photographer should use two lights for better contrast. The lighting used should be adequate for displaying all details of the product.

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