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5 things to look for in a good digital marketing company in Singapore


Having a solid digital marketing campaign is essential for every business and brand. A digital marketing company in Singapore can help you to promote your product or service. However, not all digital marketing consultants in Singapore have the experience to help you to reach your target audience.  

Are you looking for a good digital marketing company in Singapore to work with? We have listed the top 5 points to look out for in qualifiable digital marketing consultants in Singapore. 


Digital marketing company


1. Does the digital marketing company in Singapore have suitable pricing?


When looking for a digital marketing agency in Singapore, you need to have a budget in mind for your campaign. It is important to communicate across the goals and budgets when starting your first digital marketing campaign. 

There are different pricing structures set by each digital marketing agency in Singapore. This is where research is vital to find a good digital marketing consultant Singapore that will fit your price point. 


As with most things in life, inexpensive does not always mean inferior quality and vice versa! The quality of digital marketing depends on the years of experience the company has. Furthermore, the clients they have worked and are working with show their reputation.


Receiving a higher quote from a digital marketing company in Singapore will provide you with more services. Having a lower quote offered in the beginning can mean extra charges towards the end. It is important to be clear with your digital marketing consultant on what services you want, 


Very often, there is a reason for a price to be on the higher end of the spectrum as they can dedicate a lot more of their resources and efforts to your project. There are several digital marketing agency Singapore firms offering low prices. However, this could do more harm than good to your digital marketing campaign.  Therefore, it is vital to plan before following through.


 You can arrange for a consultation with a digital marketing agency in  Singapore such as Digital Solutions. This way we can discuss our quotations and your suggestions!


2. Does the digital marketing company have lots of experience?


The best digital marketing agency in Singapore suitable to your needs should be familiar with your field or industry. 

This means that they should have created digital marketing campaigns for your industry in the past. This will help them to have a clearer understanding of where you need help the most. What do your target audience need and any challenges with marketing to this specific group?

Like an industry, such as eCommerce photography, you need to work with an experienced digital marketer (or eCommerce photographer). A good digital marketing or eCommerce photographer will be able to promote your business'd product or service in the best possible light.

Of course, having experience in a particular industry doesn’t mean that the digital marketing agency will be any good. They need to show that they have proven experience in converting leads for other companies in the same industry. 

With success in previous, similar digital marketing campaigns, they will be more likely to do a stellar job with yours.


Ecommerce and Digital marketing company


3. Does the digital marketing company “put their money where their mouth is”?


Anyone can market their company and make outlandish claims when trying to sell a product or service. The same goes for the digital marketing companies in Singapore. 


Try and see through all the sales talk and marketing jargon and ask them for proof that they will be able to deliver an excellent end product. Actions do speak louder than words and it is better to prove that you have had great results than to talk about it. 

They should be able to explain the exact strategy that they will use for your campaign and how soon you should see results. 

The digital marketing agency should be confident to get you in touch with previous clients they have worked for. 

In addition, they should also be able to clarify what makes them unique and what sets them apart from other agencies. If you don’t receive an answer that you like, take this as a red flag!

4. Does the digital marketing company provide frequent reports?

Digital marketing company

Every qualified digital marketing agency in Singapore provides timely updates and reports to their clients based on the progress of their campaigns. Digital marketing reports given by your chosen digital marketing company will provide you the needed reports about the campaign.

Reporting is vitally important as it puts the client’s mind at ease that everything is going according to plan and that the agency is reaching the predetermined goals and objectives. 

Digital marketing reports given by your chosen digital marketing company will provide you the needed reports about the campaign made for the company. It should provide you actionable ways to improve the marketing of the company. It should also meet the goals set for the company.

Reporting also goes hand-in-hand with transparency and it is always better to work with an agency that is upfront and honest about the way they work and execute projects. 

A highly reputable digital marketing agency will regularly provide you with two kinds of reports: the first is a basic report around the general progress of the project, and the second is reporting on the goals you have set out for them. This should indicate how many visitors your site is getting, conversions, cost-per-click, etc.


5. Does the digital marketing company use the latest tools?


Most people are aware that  the way in which Google ranks websites is continuously changing. This makes it essential for your digital marketing agency to keep up to date with the latest and best practices in the industry. 


You should be confident that your chosen agency is using the latest tools for your inbound marketing campaign. 


Digital marketing companies usually use foundational tools for analytics, email marketing, web forms, and CRM.  There are tools also with special-purpose examples are keyword rank trackers or design tools. In hiring a good digital marketing company you might want to know the tools they are going to use for your company. 


Aside from Slack or Asana, Hubspot, Ahrefs and Proof are commonly used too by Digital marketing companies. 

Don’t be afraid to ask them what their approach to SEO is, how they handle email marketing campaigns and how they like to communicate with their clients (e.g. with tools like Slack or email). This can tell you a lot about the agency’s ability to deliver a top-quality campaign. 


In Summary


Finally, your digital marketing campaign should be a fun and exciting process, and your selected digital marketing agency Singapore company should consistently deliver great results. If you keep the above 5 points in mind, you should be well on your way to selecting the best agency for your needs. 


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