All About Digital Brochure

Remember when someone offered you a brochure when you were on your way to work or school? Remember holding on to the brochure only to turn a corner and spotting many more brochures thrown in the bin nearby?

With every individual embracing opportunities for digital solutions, physical brochures are no longer welcomed by both businesses and potential customers. In this article, we will talk about the purpose of digital brochures as well as the pros and cons of it. 

Digital brochures are basically information about business product or services catalogue in digital format. Perhaps one of the most common reasons for implementing digital brochure is the fact that it is more cost saving compared to a physical one. Here are some other benefits of using digital brochures. 

  1. Edits and Updates

Businesses do not need to worry about sudden or last minute edits for products or services because digital brochures allow real time updates fast and easily. For physical brochures however, the cost for printing the edited ones will be another lump sum cost.

  1. Customization

With the technology available, it is also uncomplicated for businesses to utilize the tools and customize one that fits the businesses concept. Also, there are numerous digital brochure templates available for free and video guidelines to help businesses create the perfect digital brochures. 

  1. Sharing

The point of a digital brochure is to do content marketing. Other than that, businesses are also looking for expansion on their product or services. With a digital brochure, audiences can share it on social channels to their friends and this method helps to attract more potential customers, benefiting the business. 

  1. Compatibility

Digital brochures are getting more convenient for viewing too. They are now mobile friendly and compatible on most devices. Most individuals now rely on tablets or mobiles while on the go which makes digital brochures more favorable. 

  1. Interactive

Businesses may also include a QR code for potential customers that are interested in the contact details. The digital brochure not only acts as a digital informative document but also engages with the audiences and increases the possibility of turning them into customers. 

  1. Creativity

Audiences look for something that can keep them interested and leave a deep impression. A digital brochure can include links or QR code that bring audiences to questionnaires or quizzes. In this way, businesses can also gather preferences and better market their products or services based on the statistics collected. 

With the list of advantages on implementing digital brochure, here are also some important things to take note when designing one. 

  1. Layout

The layout will be the first thing that the audiences see. Is it messy from the way the wordings or the images are arranged? Are there too many pages to be considered a digital brochure? 

Businesses may first consider setting the number of pages for the digital brochure. Despite the convenience, too many pages may not necessarily be a good thing because the audience may not be interested in lengthy reading. An ideal digital brochure is there to attract audiences from the first look, then comes the reading where it is clear cut to deliver whatever important information on the business product or service. 

  1. Content

As for content, would it be in the form of text, diagrams, images or even simply a QR code? 

An appropriate number of wordings plus a few educational diagrams or visually attractive images works the best. Use the same font style throughout the brochure unless you are delivering an important keyword or message to the audience. 

  1. Simplicity

By keeping the design of the digital brochure simple and neat, it helps to prevent confusion and reluctance to read by the audiences. Colors are also one of the important design factors that can determine whether the brochure is easily perceivable. 

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