5 reasons why every Singapore company should outsource their digital marketing campaign

Many companies ask questions such as “Can we handle our digital marketing campaigns ourselves or do we need to outsource it to a digital marketing agency?” In theory the answer to that question is simple; you can handle all your digital marketing campaigns internally with the right people.But in the real world, this usually turns out to be a bigger challenge than expected. There are so many challenges in setting and managing priorities until eventually, the dilemma can potentially deal a blow to the company’s growth. 

Digital marketing has become so important in this day and age. It can help you get across to the most suitable clients for your products and services out there. However, when you look up the internet, you have so many marketing methods and so much data that it is easy to get overwhelmed. All this implies that it is not that easy to get the factors that you need for success in your digital endeavors.

Digital Marketing is a world of its own, and it’s difficult to know every element since it consists of many facets, limitless possibilities and ever-changing features. It’s challenging to master the subject if it is not your core business focus. Investing in a (well-planned) digital marketing strategy is a clever decision for your company’s growth. If your company is located in Singapore, our advice is to outsource it partially to a digital marketing consultant in Singapore, or completely to a digital marketing agency in Singapore. 

How can a digital marketing agency in Singapore help your company?

You need to ask yourself if you are satisfied with how well you are performing in the market right now. Are you satisfied? If not, you need the help of a digital marketing agency in Singapore. You may have underestimated critical work such as advertising by using social media and search engines. You may have thought you would be able to do it effectively by yourself. You need to ask yourself if you are using the various tools that your agency has provided you. There are always ways in which you can improve your present position in the market.

5 reasons why every Singapore company should outsource their digital marketing campaign

In this article, we will go through 5 main reasons why every Singapore company should outsource their digital marketing campaign to a digital marketing company in Singapore.

1.  Resource Management & Cost Control 

Every Singapore Company should outsource their digital marketing campaigns, because setting up and implementing an online marketing strategy which requires several skills (e.g. SEO, SEA, SMM, etc.) Ideally you want to have in-house specialists to do so, but creating and managing a full digital marketing team involves time and money. 

A digital marketing agency in Singapore consists of experts that work full-time within their discipline, and have working experience across multiple industries. As a customer you get to benefit from the best in the field to aid your company. With a digital marketing consultant in Singapore, you can hire experts per hour or per project, without long contracts, giving you more control over the total costs. This gives you the option to easily upscale or downscale your digital marketing, and what to manage in-house.

2. Savings Reinvested into Ideas

Outsourcing your digital marketing campaign to a digital marketing agency in Singapore could save your company some money which can be channeled into better ideas that can improve the company’s revenue. Adopting a portfolio mindset, as venture capitalists do, is critical for the overall success of an innovation program.

It would be much more beneficial for your company to fund any ideas that look promising, and give them the best chance at survival. This might include giving some fledgling startups a small amount of seed funding and access to company resources and networks in return for some equity. If you are a startup yourself, by hiring a digital marketing consultant in Singapore, you can devote more of your tight budget to growing your business operations, rather than spend it on marketing.

For example, you could reinvest the saved costs into an eCommerce project. As eCommerce photography may be costly (depending on the number of photographs), you will need all the capital left over to fund an eCommerce investment.

3. Get access to the latest technology

An effective digital marketing agency in Singapore has access to special tools that gives them the benefit of fast and accurate research, analysis and strategy, less repetitive work, faster implementation, and faster achievement of business goals. These high-end marketing tools are often expensive. By outsourcing, you instantly save costs and you get access to tools without having to take out an expensive subscription yourself. A digital marketing consultant in Singapore can even advise and support you in using these tools, so that you will gain a better understanding of how your digital marketing campaign works.

4. Faster Time to Market

Lack of speed kills innovation, and bureaucracy, overarching values and instilled processes kill speed. An outsourced team is not held back by these constraints, and as a result, move much faster through the design, building and testing phases. Using fast-moving outsourced teams goes a long way to mitigating both issues. A knowledgeable digital marketing consultant in Singapore can deduce when it is the best time to scale up or launch your online marketing campaign, and can react more quickly to changes in the market or trends.

5. Up to date knowledge and skills

The digital marketing industry is dynamic and ever-changing. Strategies that were effective in the past, may no longer be effective in the present. Therefore, digital marketing consultants spend a lot of their time learning new skills and improving existing techniques and strategies in their daily work. It is essential that a digital marketing agency in Singapore always has the most up-to-date knowledge. 

In Summary

Marketing is not for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of planning, devising, strategizing, and analyzing your game plan, so you can meet your company’s end goals.

If marketing isn’t your cup of tea, then hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore to handle all your digital marketing campaigns can be a great option. Together with your marketing agency, you’ll be able to hit more of your business targets with less the fuss for your team, your customers, and your company.

Outsourced marketing can be beneficial to companies in Singapore who don’t have expertise in-house, or already have too much to do without taking on marketing activity. Companies who aren’t getting results from marketing, or want to get better results can relieve themselves of all the stress by outsourcing their digital marketing campaigns to a professional.

Every company in Singapore needs to make the most of digital marketing opportunities in order to grow their business. Outsourcing your digital marketing campaigns to a digital marketing agency in Singapore is not only cost-effective, but more efficient for your marketing strategy. Contact us today for expert advice and support in starting on your own digital marketing campaign. Alternatively, call us at +65 6797 9149 for our other services such as eCommerce website designing services.

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