3 tips when starting a social media marketing campaign

What is a social media marketing campaign?

A social media campaign is an organized digital marketing strategy in order to attain desired goals that are supposed to be reached using different social media platforms. It is an avenue that connects you with your target customers to increase your sales, improve website traffic, and also to build your business which involves advertising your campaign product using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.  Social media marketing in Singapore is particularly prevalent and effective due to the high digital literacy of the people.

In this article, we will look into how you can start on your company’s social media marketing in Singapore, and tips on how to improve your outreach online. Most companies engage in a digital marketing agency in Singapore to handle all their social media marketing strategies, and it is good for business owners to understand how social media marketing works.

How to start your social media campaign

  1. Set your goals

Normally, it’s a custom in business to set up your goals before making any plans. Before creating and launching any social media campaign, you will have to plan carefully.  First of all, one needs to make decisions on what your primary and secondary goals are concerning the campaign.

Hence, you must outline the key performance indicators of your campaign, and whether the campaign has reached its desired goal. Sometimes your goal is to increase product sales, in which having social media ads are more effective. However, if you are keen on creating and maintaining a community, then another social media marketing strategy will be more effective.

Some common social media marketing goals that companies set are:

·   Creating and building an audience

·   Increasing website traffic on your campaign

·   Strengthen your branding

It is important to properly strategize your social media marketing in Singapore so that you will not overspend on your social media campaign for little to no results. Focus your efforts on one specific goal, and ensure that all your strategies work towards achieving it. If you are unfamiliar with online ads, it is highly advisable to engage the help of a social media agency Singapore to assist you.

2.  Usage of social media ads

Many social media marketing newcomers make the mistake of staying away from social media ads such as facebook ads or instagram story ads. However, while these ads cost money, they can be very effective in ensuring your product reaches your target audience.

How social media ads work is that they are specifically show up on the feed of those who browse similar content to your product. For example, if you are selling makeup sets, your makeup ads will show up on people who constantly watch makeup videos or interact with makeup gurus. You will get instant access to your target audience, who are more likely to click on your website or buy your product.

If there is enough money to spare in your campaign budget, this is a good strategy used by many companies to start creating brand awareness amongst your target customers even before the actual campaign starts. If you are keen on starting a big social media ads campaign, it is best to engage in a digital marketing agency in Singapore to discuss your strategy and manage the ads. 

3. Know your competitors

You definitely have competitors that are using social media for their campaign, so that means you can learn from them to learn about the marketing scene before you start your own social media marketing in Singapore. 

Those competitors are not to actually scare you from embarking on your social media campaign but allow you to gain insights on them and how you can set up your target goals. You will be able to learn more about your competitor’s marketing strategy, like on which platforms the competitors are dominant.

For example, your competitors may be well known on Facebook but have little or no influence on Twitter or Instagram. You can take that advantage by promoting your brand more on those platforms and focusing more of your social media ads there to improve brand awareness. Alternatively, you can spot opportunities where your competitor missed out on a particular social media platform such as facebook, and take advantage of it to promote your own brand.  

Other tips on maintaining your social media marketing campaign

Grow and engage your audience

To be successful in social media marketing in Singapore, one must have a reasonable number of followers that can patronize or interact with your product. To get those followers, you can interact or find online communities where these target customers gather to discuss their interests.

However, after getting followers on your campaign, don’t leave them in the dark for too long by not interacting with them to hear their feedback and comments. Try to create a community centered around your brand, such as using facebook groups or a more traditional mailing list to constantly update them and keep them talking about your product. 

Constantly replying to them on social media also creates engagement and awareness of your brand and products. This is a common strategy a good digital marketing agency in Singapore uses to gain leads and improve brand awareness.

Consistently deliver your content

You shouldn’t be a “promise and fail type” by which you promise a customer to deliver a product but fail to do so. If you aren’t constant in your delivery time, you will likely disappoint your customers. Delivery time may not seem to be such a big detail, but it is a “quality-of-life” feature that will greatly improve your customers’ shopping experience.

Measure your results constantly

Always keep records on your sales before, during, and after your social media marketing in Singapore. This is to ensure that the campaign is actually successful, and that increase in sales are not due to other external factors. It allows you to redirect your focus and change your strategy if sales are not improving, or continue to invest more in the same strategy.

Build followers

Even if most of your followers do not purchase your product, it is important to create a community for them to interact. Not only can they raise awareness of your product by sharing it with their friends, but they will give you good reviews and are more likely to be convinced to buy your product. 

Be consistent

Always be consistent in how you keep your followers updated on social media. Do not leave them in the dark or not post on your company page, or they will leave to follow other companies that can keep their interests.

Know what is trending

You should always be active on social media to know what is trending online. If that aligns with your campaign, you will be able to take advantage of it and join in the fad to create more buzz and interaction with your brand or products.

Make video content

Visual media such as images and to a greater extent videos are much more effective on social media.  Social media users consume more video content than just a text or a picture. Therefore, creating videos around your product or informative clips will draw more followers and potential customers to your company’s page.

Partner with major and minor influencers

Before starting your business, create a list of influencers which you know can help you spread the information about your campaign because an influence of just one influencer can help you gain tens of thousands of followers.

One of the best ways to increase your sales is to partner with influencers online. By doing so, you have exposed your campaign to other new sets of potential followers who haven’t heard about your product, or are unaware of your brand. This will increase the amount of leads you generate and followers to share your product with.

In Summary

If you wish to succeed in their businesses, you must be able to build a loyal community of followers,  and to have good products that capture the hearts of the people. With the huge numbers of social media users, social media marketing in Singapore is one of the most effective ways for you to reach out to your target customers.  There are also so many different kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, that can suit your requirements.

Social media marketing in Singapore is one of the best marketing techniques your company can use. With this in mind, many companies hire a digital marketing agency in Singapore to start and maintain their digital marketing campaign. These agencies will communicate with you to better understand your marketing goals, and then choose the most appropriate and cost-effective strategy to reach them. A good digital marketing agency in Singapore is able to not only keep your customers satisfied and engaged, but also ensure that your product sales continually improve. 
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